3 people walk 6 dogs two times a week for charges 100 yuan baxia

3 people walk the 6 dog walk two times a week for 3 individual charges 100 yuan a week for 6 dogs two times charge 100 yuan from the United States Dani and Marie from Canada, Ruby three, has lived in Chengdu for years, the three of them set up a professional engaged in "dog sitter" business studio. "The dog nanny" is the main work for work no time the dog home dog. In the United States, if you do not have a pet to do their duty, so that pets sick, or pet abuse, is a crime, to be severely punished by law. In a variety of pets, dogs need to spend more time, because it requires daily exercise, and Chinese, many American white-collar workers did not have time to walk the dog, then derives from the professional dog walkers (dog walkers), they will be long-term help employers pay immediate attention to the health of the dog, the dog. In the United States, this is a more mature career." Why talk with "dog nanny", Dani said, "I have been in Chengdu for four years, I love dogs, but in the past four years, I have observed that many dog owners in Chengdu, did not have time to walk the dog, only the dog at home, the dog’s physical and mental health are unfavorable, Chengdu does not have the dog who specializes in the occupation, so I thought, why not put the United States dog walker industry brought to Chengdu?" Later, Dani recognized the work of the Canadian girl Ruby in Chengdu, she studied in the University of animal behavior research, came to Chengdu, has been engaged in animal protection work. Dani want to do "the dog nanny told her, the two hit it off after Ruby, his friend, the same animal loving girl Canada introduced Marie to Dani. A total of three, in April this year, the three foreign girl "dog nanny" studio was formally established. At present, the "Dani dog nanny" studio customer has 4, a total of 6 dogs. 4 customers now are all those who live in Chengdu, their studio mainly rely on expatriates in Chengdu, word of mouth, Dani said their business is divided into short season, the season is summer, many foreigners in this vacation, so I need someone to help take care of their pets. "Sometimes we in the dog, there will be Chinese over chat consultation, show some interest, but there is no China employer." Dani estimates that language communication is a major concern for Chinese customers, perhaps they worry that Chinese dogs do not understand the command of foreigners. In fact, this is not the case, the dog can be human action, tone, facial expressions and other aspects of access to information, so the difference between Chinese and English, in fact, is not so important." Dani told reporters that the studio business in addition to regular exercise, also includes the master go out for a long time, to take care of the dog. "In order to allow the owner to rest assured, we will send to the owner when the dog, dog day, drinking water and detailed records of defecation, timely feedback." Reporters noted that the Dani of a pedestrian while walking the dog, professional.相关的主题文章: