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30 tips to improve your life! Sohu dear friends, have you ever had to spend more energy because you don’t know a certain knowledge or information? Know a little more than others will make their own detours! Today Xiaobian tell you 30 cold life knowledge, easy to use also help you save time and effort! Come on, first, give a little clap and cheer! Clean the hair with a plastic bag with a plastic bag wrapped mop, electrostatic ground hair will be produced by the plastic bag was taken away. Use a spoon to overflow when boiling soup can be afraid of the highest value, it can make the intermediate spoon boiling place cannot achieve on both sides of the overflow. With the book stable in the refrigerator in the refrigerator and put the bottle the bottle is not steady, the tray can take a book clip of the refrigerator, put on the bottle is stable. Bottled water leaving a space with thermal insulation best bottled boiling water, don’t fill the void left with 2 – 3 cm, which can prolong the holding time, because the air in the bottle can be insulated. Use the toilet paper to iced drinks iced drinks, can make the toilet paper and then water in the bottle wrapped around a circle. With cardboard and chopsticks made the following steps with egg shaped, elastic, chopsticks and cardboard can make a heart-shaped egg, but must be cooked! With the big bottle cap when the toothbrush holder to dig a large cap to hang a toothbrush, the supermarket can not buy the toothbrush holder you do not want to do? Big bottles with a large plastic bottle waste transformation under the sandals became super practical shoe, beautiful place. Clip help bracelets clip side with the thumb and index finger pull, the other side of the hook in the bracelet, without the help of others you can wear bracelet. Pin to pin clip in anti-static trousers can prevent the generation of static electricity. Tin Mao Xianqiu took a few clean storage bottles, tie a hole in the bottle after the ball inside, no longer afraid of Mao Xianqiu the luanluande. Use the clothes Jiadang "plan remind clip" old clothes peg modification, brush your love color, write the word to remind the clip! With a clothespin flowerpots clothespin and cans together, small fresh flower was born! With a beverage bottle and the old CD to make a large pot of beverage bottles and waste discs, and then painted on the color, pure handmade vases produced! With convenient cleaning the keyboard with the sign notes the adhesive part is inserted into the keyboard gap, can put the keyboard in the dust sticking out. The clothes with soap solution stuck zipper zipper stuck, stuck with soap daub on the part, it solves! Use a spoon to edema if you have problems face edema after early morning, with a spoon gently massage in eye position, repeat from the inside corner to sliding action, you can play the effect of the water swelling. ?相关的主题文章: