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During the 4 small mood to face wit – Sohu maternal affected by hormones, pregnant women often will be the usual mood magnified many times, at the same time, but also produces some strange psychological, the pregnant mother’s mood not only affect their own, will affect the development of your baby, adjust the mood during pregnancy is a skill oh. Pregnant 1 small excited mood during pregnancy can not hide a small family, feel excited is It’s only human., fetal growth of every day in his own body, feel his breath, enjoying all the different experience of pregnancy, though there will be sickness and other discomfort, but will soon be excitement and joy my mother can’t hide. In addition, after the implantation of the fertilized egg into the uterus, the placenta began to secrete a hormone to promote the growth of the baby, which can also make pregnant mothers estrogen a very good feeling. Response: this sense of joy, pregnant mothers as long as the enjoyment of good, you will feel good baby yo. When the 2 body little tired mood during pregnancy mommy in early pregnancy, the placenta secrete a human chorionic gonadotropin, it will increase with the progression of pregnancy, pregnant mothers get tired, morning sickness and other symptoms, at the same time, plus some trivial things in the life, work on some problems and so on mom, are easily distracted and forgetful. Response: in the company to consider the problem of work, more attention to the baby. After returning home, if some important things forgetful, can be recorded, it is not easy to be missed; in addition, zigubuxia exercise can improve concentration, emotional conditioning. 3 little worried mood during pregnancy from time to time the same, in hormone secreted under the influence of pregnant mothers in pregnancy in a certain period of time, will become easy to fear, sadness, fear and so on, often these negative emotions to distress. On the other hand, many pregnant mother for fear of childbirth will be painful, or fat, the baby may have problems and so on, often self obsession, make blind and disorderly conjectures, will also appear to worry, fear and emotional. Correspondence: in fact, pregnant mothers need not too nervous during pregnancy, as long as do basic maintenance, should eat eat, sleep the sleep, the inspection is to check, usually will not have what problem, the pain of childbirth can also be through many methods to reduce; in addition, increase the intake of foods rich in Omega -3. Allows the brain to produce a pleasant substance, improve mood, if you feel very depressed, the doctor must tell early treatment, early prevention. 4 sexual mood during pregnancy will have some strong Xiaoqiang pregnant moms during pregnancy, estrogen level in the body is straight rise, in the first 4-6 months, the breast will be increased, but also not obvious abdominal bulge, therefore, to give people a feel sexy, plus the breast will become more sensitive than before, and the uterine orgasm will make you feel better, therefore, the time of pregnancy will increase libido. Response: sexual life during pregnancy to go through the consent of the doctor, at the same time, attention should be paid to the magnitude of the action, force, and body position, a modest comparison.相关的主题文章: