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These 10 kinds of good medicine affordable and useful, every family should prepare the Sohu – this is a "health medicine, medicine, check it out, a family medicine preparation", has been a lot of friends ask, what family should prepare for the commonly used drugs to doctors today possible period of want or need, clove to you open a list. For household medicine, we must first pledge: Well, I will according to the family common disease order to make a list of what you need to prepare the following drugs are commonly used drugs, non prescription drugs, can be bought in the regular pharmacy. A cold medicine: cold is usually recommended to drink plenty of water, rest more, because the cold "do not take medicine a week to be good, take 7 days just fine."…… Cold drugs currently on the market, and can not cure the cold itself, but to ease the headache, have a fever, runny nose, cough and other symptoms, make you feel more comfortable, more or less the same, one can be selected and prepared. Note: cold medicine contains: recommendations: do not choose the containing amantadine drug, as far as possible to choose a single active ingredient of the drug, do not repeat medication, do not give children to eat cold medicine. Two. Relieve nasal congestion, runny nose medicine instructions: the use of different methods of adult children. Infants under 6 months of age can be given directly to the injection of saline, that is, the sodium chloride of 0.9%. A little droplet, nasal drops to the baby inside, can play the role of nourishing the nasal cavity. For more than 6 months of age, we recommend the use of a special physiological nasal spray for children. Adults can use the decongestant oxymetazoline nasal spray "(5 mg / 10 ml). It relieves symptoms of nasal congestion. Most of the time because of nasal congestion nasal congestion, relieve congestion symptoms can relieve nasal congestion. There are 2 oxymetazoline for ~ 6 years old children’s dosage form (1.25 mg / 5 ml). Note: "every day" oxymetazoline use up two times, continuous use of not more than 3 days, because studies have shown that, if the continuous use of the drug for more than 3 days, it will have a rebound effect, the more serious symptoms of nasal congestion. Some people when the plane, due to changes in nasal pressure will be very serious, can also be used to relieve the symptoms of oxymetazoline ". Three. Fever painkillers: fever pain medication is usually recommended "acetaminophen and ibuprofen. In addition to fever role, the two drugs are also commonly used painkillers, can be used to relieve the headache, toothache, pain and many other symptoms of dysmenorrhea. Bloven also has anti-inflammatory effects. Note: ibuprofen has a stimulating effect on the gastrointestinal tract. Family medicine chest medicine to form children and adults are stored separately. "Like ibuprofen" and "acetaminophen", the adult is used in tablet or capsule, children will use drops or suspension. Because of these two drugs for children with a good taste, baby likes to drink, parents should put the drug on the Y相关的主题文章: