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Besides the name thad will append sanctions towards China or not welcome – Sohu Military Channel text with map: Blinken’s speech at the University of Seoul. Observer network synthesis: U.S. State Department Deputy Secretary of state Toni, 28, said the deployment of Sade’s decision is the most recent, but not the last measure. If North Korea continues to threaten, additional measures will be taken in addition to sade." South Korea, Chosun Ilbo reported on October 29th, Lincoln was 28 at the University of Seoul International College speech, made the above statement. "We should continue to take defensive measures to protect ourselves and our allies," he said. These are not the same as China, but China may not welcome it." According to the Korea Broadcasting Corporation (KBS) reported on 29, the theme of "Han Mei Lincoln speech cloth alliance response to North Korean provocations". "Korean Daily" said Blinken ended 27 held in Tokyo Korean foreign minister to visit South Korea after the US Japan agreement. 28 in the afternoon, he and Chong Wa Dae National Security Office Minister Zhao Taiyong a meeting, agreed that "will not accept North Korea as a nuclear state". The two sides agreed that the Security Council is currently being discussed sanctions against North Korea should include more effective measures to strengthen the control of coal exports. The two sides also decided to continue cooperation, in order to North Korean human rights issues into public opinion, to cut off the delivery of overseas workers, North Korea diplomatically isolated. He said, China has a special responsibility in sanctions against North korea. If we can take on the inertia, overall sanctions regime, can make Kim Jeong-eun in nuclear and missile development and economy in the two election." He also said militants in South Korea’s nuclear theory, "according to my judgment, South Korea can not arm more safe, we are on the South Korean defense effort as hard as the goal is the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula." South Korean media said, Toni cloth Lincoln 29 will visit China to discuss sanctions against North Korea in Beijing. To ensure there is no change in South Korea, the United States policy according to YAHOO News reported on 27, the Lincoln cloth day in Tokyo to attend the Korea US diplomatic official agreement. He and the Japanese Foreign Ministry Affairs Officer Sugiyama Shinsuke (Shinsuke Sugiyama) and the South Korean foreign ministry first officer Lin Shengnan (Lim Sung-Nam) meeting stressed that there is no change in the policy of the United states. ‘we will not accept North Korea as a nuclear power, and we will not accept North Korea’s nuclear weapons,’ he said. He added that the threat from North Korea is "getting worse" and that they have increased the intensity of nuclear and missile tests. He said, "we focus on increasing pressure on North Korea is for one purpose: to enable North Korea to return to the most willing to denuclearization of the negotiating table, this is our goal." Blinken’s remarks were regarded as the U.S. intelligence director James clapper? (James Clapper) responded and refuted. At the beginning of the week, Obama clapper said that the government does not recognize North Korea nuclear idea is wishful thinking, let the idea of denuclearization of North Korea might fail; America can expect the best.相关的主题文章: