26, Microsoft will release a wave of surface new machine will debut helmet怎么读

26, Microsoft will release a new wave of Surface machine will debut on the official website of Microsoft Sina digital news October 9th news, Microsoft officially announced that the conference will be held in New York in October 26th, is expected to Surface machine will be released the long rumored, Surface brand under the mouse and keyboard, and published some features of Windows 10 update. The highly anticipated new Surface Pro 5 and Surface Book 2 may also be unveiled. In addition to the published time and place, Microsoft with a title in the official website: in a symbolic Windows window, a line of "Imagine What You" ll Do "text quickly across the mirror. It also highlights the theme of this conference, Windows 10 and related equipment productivity attributes. Surface machine concept figure Surface machine will debut on the Surface machine has long been rumors, exposure information from the current point of view, Surface machine is expected as a new kind of consumer oriented market, moreover, Surface machine will be equipped with a Surface mouse, keyboard, pressure pen, with more than one system. Perceptive Pixel and Surface Hub tablet equipped with technology giant, but also is expected to adopt modular design and foldable design. Surface machine is expected to be divided into three dimensions, respectively, is 21 inches 1080P display, the resolution of the display of 24 inches 4K, a resolution of 27 inches 4K display. After the introduction of tablet PCs, notebooks, I believe Microsoft will not fall down the field of office desktop. Suface Pro and Surface Book or a slight upgrade in the last year, Microsoft New York conference, Microsoft released Suface Pro 4, and Surface Book Surface as a new type of device launched, Microsoft has created the "ultimate laptop" concept. Earlier there was news that Surface Pro 5, Surface Book 2 will be released in the spring of 2017, but from the current exposure of information, these two products are also likely to debut together. The new Surface  Pro  Book  5 and Surface  2 is expected to adopt Intel seventh generation KabyLake processor, the only significant version is by Nvidia  Pascal; mobile graphics, the adoption of new technology will further enhance the overall endurance of Surface. At the same time, the new Surface should also add new features such as biometrics. In addition to the upgrade on the hardware, then these two products will be pleasantly surprised if there are industrial design. (Yu Ze)相关的主题文章: