The official second shares, listed today opened up 44% top grid 乃々果花

"The official second shares, listed today opening the top grid up 44% Phoenix Financial News Friday October 28th," the official second shares, landing A shares market in early trading today, opening the top grid rose 44%.   following the official website first " 2012 landing of the capital market, but also a national team of media will be landing A shares. According to regulatory arrangements, Xinhua Limited by Share Ltd shares will be listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange on October 28th. Stock referred to Xinhua, stock code 603888, the issue price of $27.69 shares, the number of shares issued 51 million 902 thousand and 936 shares, the total issued share capital of the shares of 207 million 611 thousand and 744. The following is the location: stock code stock short subscription code listing in Shanghai Stock Exchange (27.69 yuan issue price of shares) earnings release 22.99 reference price earnings ratio of the Internet and related services reference industry earnings (latest) 85.13 par value (yuan) the actual total proceeds (100 million yuan) 14.37 online release date 2016-10-18 (Tuesday) the date of placing under the net 2016-10-18 (online issue of the number of shares) number 46720000 under the net placement (5182936 shares) the number of old shares transferred (shares) – the total number of issued (51902936 shares) limit purchase quantity (stock) 20000 top box purchase required with the market value (yuan) 20 ballot payment date (Thursday) 2016-10-20 capitalization confirmation T-2 date (T: online purchase date) [introduction], online advertising, information service, website construction and technical services, mobile internet. The number of project investment amount (million yuan) online education project new media technology research and development center project 9009.33, government class intelligent analysis of large data system project mobile Internet integration, processing, distribution and operating systems business projects 53164.3 new China network media information and application services cloud platform project investment amount of 64473.36 149733.99 excess funds raised (the actual fund-raising – the total amount of investment) -6014.76 total investment amount and the actual amount of money raised more than 104.19% stock investment trading post, forward-looking, forecast, Niugu capture, as in the micro signal [or] Phoenix securities [ifengstock]     after the analysis of the trend of A shares, pointing out the trend of tomorrow, please pay attention to [2] master micro signal or [fupan588]  相关的主题文章: