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Can accompany take a bath? Japan’s hot springs are personified, as we all know, the two dimensional industry has now become an important economic pillar of japan. In addition to ACG work itself, many institutions, cities have also launched their own two dimensional spokesperson, hoping to attract more attention. Recently, in order to promote the global awareness of Japan’s hot spring culture, the relevant agencies have also launched a new project – hot spring niang. The official gives the first spring spa mother, named Caojin YUI Nai, for her voiceover is high ("NEW GAME" Tian sorrow! "Cool green). The character is very positive, always one step ahead into action. From the people, it seems that this is a Gunma Kusatsu hot spring as the prototype designed. The painter is well-known illustrator of red thread. But in addition, the official said there will be 8 characters have been released, these characters will form an idol group to expand activities. In this regard, there are Japanese netizens commented: very interesting ah, the Japanese hate their own Meng like the dead house, but to attract people around the world through Meng, which are how to think." Of course, some people think this is a good idea, so you fans, you are interested in it? Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章: