Ma funded ” small Ma ” friends this is a look at the face of the era 木村kaela

Funded by Ma Yun " Ma Yun " friends: This is a look at the face of the age of Ma Yun and the "little Ma Yun" on November 10th by Sina entertainment news, net exposure because Ma Yun himself looks very like a burst of red and in the social network of "little Ma Yun" was funded by Ma Yun. Exposure, said Ma Yun Ali through internal mail, said he was willing to bear the cost of small Ma Yun school for college graduates." A message, triggering eleven double hand chop party crowd. The summer of 2015, a named Ma childhood photos on social network burst red, at that time, ma I have concerned about this incident, Bo also quipped, "saw this boy, thought it was a family to upload pictures of me when I was young, this gallant manner, I really feel he is in the mirror." Then there is the media made a visit to the child, he found from Jiangxi Yongfeng County town village river Shima Yan essential natural villages, families are very poor. Therefore, it has recently funded Ma on the university. Most users know, said, the child is very lucky, I hope he refueling, so that the fate of knowledge to change it!" There are friends laugh, this is a look at the face of the era, jokingly said "my friend looks very like Wang Sicong [micro-blog]… So now we have a blood relationship, and then we can have Wang Jianlin’s legacy." In the voice of ridicule, as well as serious comments on the Internet, the message area less ridicule it, I think it is a very warm heart." (Intern Su Yewen) (commissioning editor: banana)相关的主题文章: