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Chongqing municipal CPPCC democratic Council Guotufangguan Board proposals for the work of Chongqing channel, CPPCC democratic Council Guotufangguan Board proposals for the work of       in October 13th, the city CPPCC democratic Council Guotufangguan Board this year, the proposal for the work, to handle the work mechanism, deepen the proposals for consultation, co work and management replies, for effect, for the 6 aspects of the results to the public the contents of the democratic appraisal etc.. According to the municipal land and Housing Bureau, hosted this year the CPPCC proposal 123, which hosted 32 pieces, with 91 pieces, the proposal covers the land use planning and protection of land and mineral resources exploration and development, the real estate market regulation, management and protection of geological environment and geological disaster prevention and treatment etc.. As of now, in addition to the 1 member meeting proposal did not obtain receipt, the remaining 31 proposals have been sponsored by the office complex is completed, received the receipt with the rate of 100%; 91 co proposals have all gone through. In the process of handling the proposal, the city Guotufangguan Bureau from undertaking transfer, supervision and inspection, audit, reply feedback and other aspects of the whole procedure to handle work into the system, effectively improve the quality and level of handling. Members of the evaluation team also went to the United States and Hong Kong public rental housing district, Yubei District Jin Yi E world project, field research to understand the implementation of the relevant proposals. Combined with field research, access to archival information, as well as the exchange of views, the evaluation team of the city Guotufangguan Board is highly recommended for the work, and gives a score of 115.9 points (total score of 120 points). Municipal CPPCC Vice Chairman Peng Yonghui to participate in democratic review.     (reporter Li Xing) (commissioning editor: Chen Yi, Zhang?)相关的主题文章: