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Army group of military drama contest: values than bloodshed favorably Sohu Military Channel of cultural self-confidence, cannot do without cultural introspection; do not forget the early heart, without trace. On one occasion, I asked a taxi driver who liked to watch a TV show. He liked to see what kind of TV play he was laughing at." An audience’s preferences may not be enough to explain the problem, but this kind of aesthetic interest is representative in the present. A movie, after examination, and achieved a smooth broadcast several times earnings, who will care about the creative works to the cultural market and the audience brought exactly what the spirit and nourish the arts? Indeed, "entertainment" is the general art foundation is easy to be accepted by the audience, but for "entertaining" but will magnify the film industry oriented "entertainment to death" cultural desert. In the movie theater screen drama between flooding, rampant, characterization is a false prosperity of the lack of core competitiveness. When the money was covered by the cultural introspection, cultural self-confidence is impossible. As a comprehensive art form highly capitalized, marketization and industrialization of film and television, has the natural attribute of popular entertainment on the one hand, on the other hand also carrying and spreading the core values of the national outlook. The military TV drama as an example, it is necessary to reflect the military life, shaping the military image; and military express feelings, high cohesion on the basis of this, but also the soul; the courage to explore the means of artistic expression, innovation. Since twenty-first Century, the military TV drama has always been its unique subject characteristics, lofty aesthetic character and diverse artistic exploration and profound feelings lead the orientation of the industry and social fashion. TV drama "encirclement" 2000 hit, creating a "exercise" theme first, the solid foundation of literature, production of sophisticated military theme TV series aired, causing the successor to follow until today, "the red and blue confrontation mode is still popular. If it were dissected according to the creation theory, the follower of the creation of the military TV drama, the drama structure and the relationship between the characters can speak simple repetition: military to hold a modern large-scale exercises; red and blue commander was comrades or classmates, a war among the people is the most critical factor. Another is that the organic combination of human and modern weapons and equipment is the key to success; the two protagonists and one female characters in two emotional entanglements; the confrontation extends from the military field to the daily life, and throughout the play…… Next, "passion burning years" to lead the revolution and love military compound life theme craze, "plot" is the master of the spy theme of the "bright sword"; "character hero" image rendering was thick and heavy in colours "soldier assault", will not abandon, do not give up "to express the spirit of most incisive. The outstanding military TV drama dominate after similar works with the trend has intensified, and give people the impression of a homogenization of "waking up". With "I am special forces" and other works of the hit reality military movies — "youth narrative" banner, similar works even though the ratings continue to rise, however.相关的主题文章: