8 mistakes we often make in our lives denka

The most common mistake we make in our lives is that eggs are the "leading role" in a lot of home cooking. However, not everyone knows how to cook 8 meals. Recently, the United States Food Web site, a daily meal article, summed up the common mistakes of cooking eggs for your reference. With a bowl or the stove edge crack egg. Choose the stove tops plane clean (not the bowl) break the egg, can prevent the pollution caused by falling into the broken eggshell bowl, and also avoid the fish out of the egg broken eggshell waste. Boiled eggs in boiling water. Try not to put the egg into boiling water, otherwise, not only caused the breakdown of eggshell, egg outflow, and easy to burn your fingers. The correct approach is, egg cold water pot, slow heating, fire boil for 3 minutes after boiling, soaked for 5 minutes after the ceasefire. This boiled egg white egg, egg yolk is not old. Such as boiled egg after natural cooling and. This peeling is not only time consuming, but also easy to let in the protein on the shell, resulting in waste. Saving time and not waste it is cooked out immediately after the egg into the cold water, the feeling is not hot, and as soon as possible. Fire scrambled eggs. It is easy to stir fry the eggs and stir the eggs. Scrambled eggs is best to use the middle and low fire gently stir fry, so scrambled eggs will not be old, the taste is more smooth. Fried Eggs before the hard stir egg cake. The egg stir fried hard Egg cakes taste too hard. Stir the egg does not need too much effort, if add some water or stir fried butter, the Egg cakes not easy to paste pot, but also soft and delicious. Cook Poached Egg salt. When poached eggs, just add a little vinegar (rather than salt) in hot water (not boiling). Cook for 3~4 minutes, you can remove the egg, so cook Poached Egg taste more tender. The use of iron. Do the dishes with nonstick egg than stainless steel pot or pan better. The reason is very simple, once the egg is easy to paste pot. When cooking with eggs, finally put seasoning. The fried egg and Fried Eggs cake, egg or fast stir the pot before, should add salt and pepper and other spices, ensure uniform seasoning. (people’s daily life times)相关的主题文章: