A investment to expand the scale of venture capital holdings of gold for pharmacy mide-031

A shares investment scale of venture capital holdings in gold fund exposure table Sina Real preference: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Reporter Li Chao – insurance capital stake in A stock market continue to rise. Statistics show that as of August 1st, A shares held by insurance institutions were 602, a total market capitalization of $736 billion 254 million, accounting for the proportion of the total market capitalization of 1.48%. From the point of view of the distribution of the industry, finance, non banking finance, medicine, real estate and other sectors to become the first choice of insurance funds as a whole. Analysts believe that the future premium income five years will remain around 10% compound annual growth rate, average annual A shares to bring new incremental funds of about 200 billion yuan, but considering the two generation of universal insurance, compensation and other factors, converting the long-term risk capital placards behavior. Favor gold pharmacy insurance companies play the role of buyer in the two market, causing more and more attention. Statistics show that as of August 1st, the insurance company ownership in 5% or more of the shares is 90, total market value of 544 billion 668 million yuan, accounting for all the insurance market shares accounted for 73.98%, the number of shares accounted for 14.95%. BOC International Securities analyst Wei Tao said that the insurance funds have higher requirements on safety requirements, long-term stable returns, and a large amount of investment, impact on exit did not want to stock price volatility. Whether it is holding insurance or placards in concentrated industries, basically meet the several characteristics, namely the market valuation is at a low level, while the rate of return on net assets has obvious advantages. BOC International Securities analyst Yuan Hao believes that with the recent shares of China Vanke, Hengda event fermentation, insurance placards line stocks once again sparked concern, "asset shortage" under the background of high-quality real estate resources continue to be revalued logical proof, insurance placards has also become an important catalyst. Wei Tao believes that in recent years, the development strategy of life insurance industry more generally recognized, is no longer the simple pursuit of premium growth, but more return to the essence of insurance, the insurance business value and profit risk itself get more retained in the company, to obtain long-term and stable underwriting profit. With the continuous release of regulatory investment policy, venture capital to invest more in the field, through a richer variety of investment and means to obtain higher returns. Placards phenomenon or difficult to continue China Merchants Securities analyst Wang Zhen believes that the insurance mechanism is an important mechanism of investors has been rising, the premium income continued to grow rapidly, the scale of assets of the insurance institutions continues to expand, the market value of stock market investment is increasing year by year, has become the actual holds one of the largest institutional investors in stock. The premium income is expected in the next five years will remain around 10% compound annual growth rate, the average annual bring about 200 billion A shares of the new incremental funds; the next two years is expected to maintain a high premium income growth, capital market is expected to accelerate. Soochow securities analyst Ding Wentao believes that the high profit, strategic acquisitions and other aspects of the demand driven on sustained opening stocks private insurance agencies相关的主题文章: