A woman in Yangzhou alone in the night encounter night at Mount grab winsockfix

A woman in Yangzhou alone in the night encounter mount grab night at some township road at night, the lights dim, few pedestrians. September 1st morning, Yangzhou girl Xiao Wu in home, suffered at the moment. On the morning of September 1st, Yangzhou city police station received a reasonable alarm, the police said his daughter fell into a small Wu hit home, the whole portrait of a bit, as if what happened, was scared. Xiao Wu recalled still suffering from the shock, when she returned home after the next night riding a cable car, passing a secluded trail, suddenly from the roar after a motorcycle, motorcycle suddenly caught up on a motorcycle Xiao Wu, Wu man kicked kick turn, and pulled out a knife and threatened Xiao wu. The man robbed the bag after the left Xiao wu. Police immediately launched an investigation, and soon found clues in the vicinity of the road monitoring. Monitoring showed that the man suspected of early start tracking Xiao Wu, and Xiao Wu went to a remote place to start, and he rode on a commonly known as "fry Street" scooter, no license plate, a lot of noise, the motorcycle has also been modified. Monitoring and tracking to a T-junction Gaoyou bridge, the suspect disappeared. Police judge, this person may be a local person, it will be launched around the investigation, quickly locked the suspect wang. The third night of the incident, Wang was arrested at home. The evidence is conclusive, the final Wang truthfully confessed the crime of robbery with a knife. The original 21 year old Wang is a cook, not low income, but because of the lack of love in the growth of single parent families, was addicted to gambling, recently addicted to a grab red gambling game, each month will lose one thousand or two thousand yuan. Because lose more and more, Wang is moving from a distorted mind, he carefully planned, carrying knives, went from Gaoyou Hanjiang to crime, robbery was walking alone at night Xiao Wu, and Xiao Wu bag only one hundred and fifty yuan in cash and a mobile phone. Currently, Wang has been under criminal detention by the police.相关的主题文章: