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Fujian: according to the inspection clues filing review 22 Department 192 level cadres – Beijing, recently, Fujian Province in 2016, the third round of the second batch of 14 inspection teams stationed all over, the provincial people’s Congress Party and other 16 provincial units patrol patrol group, "look back to Shaowu city and county to carry out". Since the party’s eighteen years, Fujian has carried out inspections of the 224 units of the party organization. According to the inspections transfer issues clues, Fujian province discipline inspection organs at all levels have been placed on file for review 22 level cadres, 192 level cadres and 467 level cadres. Fujian provincial Party committee to implement the central deployment of patrol work, and resolutely implement the political inspection requirements, and promote the full coverage of patrol, patrol patrol with good results, give full play to the role of the sword. The timely adjustment of the inspection object, from 2013 to 2015, the provincial inspection of local key enterprises and financial institutions, 2016 provincial units and provincial universities focusing on patrol. Since 2012, a total of 94 city and county (District), 19 provincial enterprises, financial institutions, to carry out inspections of 77 provincial units and 34 provincial universities, and to carry out inspections "look back". In order to ensure the realization of the full coverage of the inspection objectives, Fujian Patrol Force on the equipped with a special combination". Each round of inspections, routine inspections of the group leader, deputy head of the provincial Party committee appointed full-time leader and vice group leader, and set up a team of more than and 200 people consisting of patrol cadres from the library, deployed in professional expertise, good at finding problems of the discipline inspection team leader stationed as a special patrol group leader, deputy secretary of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection from the district and stationed discipline inspection group deputy leader as deputy leader, from familiar discipline review, organization and personnel, financial audit and other work cadres to participate in the inspection work, to complete the inspections cover all provide strong human resources. In the inspection way, mainly in Fujian province to the government department to routine inspections, based on the party system and the provincial institutions, provincial universities such as special inspection. 2016 to take routine inspections, special inspections, combined with other types of inspections, with the focus of regional inspections in four ways. Through the special combination of inspections, Fujian patrol rhythm and frequency significantly accelerated, the party’s eighteen major inspections carried out in the 13 round of the 23 batch, in order to achieve full coverage of the patrol provides an important guarantee. (Fujian Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection)相关的主题文章: