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Ali employees dismissed the event: Brush cakes rules and values not what Alibaba five technicians were expelled within brush cakes, what can cause the point of differentiation in public opinion, some views have itself is each one sticks to his argument, is worthy of the fine amount of things. The parties think they just to buy a box of moon cakes and the use of technical means, brush out and no payment, no improper profits and in the process of heavy punishment, implication. Some public opinion, especially from the technology sector of the speech that determines that no such a serious need to make this thing, this is the Big deal, is an exaggeration. One thing everyone is generally not too much discussion is that security professionals use js script of this kind of technical means to brush cakes, in the majority of people do not understand what is the JS script, such details are ignored. JS script is actually a batch file, you can replace the person on the computer to achieve a series of operations, such as continuous click on a link. This means that, when you sit in front of the computer to seckill a commodity, the human is always run but scripts, such as online 1 yuan car seckill activities, or a mobile phone when the consumer panic buying. The JS script for technical personnel especially the safety and technical personnel, is a piece of cake, but for most non-technical users, but rather to distant numerous hills and streams. People do not understand the technology of the spike is less than 1 yuan car, the answer to this question is quite obvious, but not everyone can understand. Chinese culture, the long-term existence of a "Kaoshanchishan, social cultural phenomenon, character" a group of people with a convenient and privilege, and will use their power for their own profit. For example a kind of feudal society Beijing official, even for fengjiangdali, also had to pay out money to RBI, which is given to the system of Siemens people’s identity privilege, even on the know, also have no way. This culture is also reflected in the myths and legends, such as Tang four made Canon in the ordeal after moving classics encountered Ananda and Kasyapa two sages for personnel, have a final monk in the Zijin alms bowl just. And this thing was to go there when the Buddha, the Buddha will not punish their bribes disciples, but instead told a story to justify the two sages for personnel. Chinese culture, tolerance for such things beyond imagination. In common sense, the use of the privilege and authority for their own profit, was not the important thing. Have the privilege of authority is not to do, it is really hard. Economic difficulties, the streets of the city’s supply and marketing cooperatives and state-owned stores, is a typical example of modern. When the food supply is abundant, the fish egg cream ticket supply, people buy meat when buying preferences is the best to buy a pound of meat fat more lean meat and less fat, because take home can make oil used for cooking, eat a few days and then lean meat, eat nothing except a few meal use. The salesman had the power to lean a piece of meat to make arrangements, when everyone is a pound of meat case, to.相关的主题文章: