Animation orange theatrical version will be released on November 18th innawoods

"Orange" animation theater version will be released in November 18th announced "orange" animation theater version, with "orange" in the name of the future, will be released in November 18th, continue to talk about high house food spike and Naruse Xiang in order to Philip human perspective and story. Movie will have animated version of the classic footage, and new episode story original author high berry drawing, or to describe in order to view and, when the first word of the original series have considered the last word. "Orange" tells the story of the two year of high school in the spring, the hero Takanomiya Naho received a letter sent to him after a period of 10 years. The letter will tell what happened in the future, in order to let the vegetables do not like their own to make things like regret, the letter should be taken to guide the action of vegetable spike. 10 years after the food spike regret things that could not save the sophomore love into the life of Lai xiang. So the ear decided to change the fate of food, but Cheung also like her, but because her mother committed suicide heart hurt. Exactly how to do to change the fate of Cheung, for this reason began to put into action.相关的主题文章: