Apple App Store joined Alipay ios910 all payment options borderland

Since the apple App Store joined Alipay iOS9 10 payment options have been used in all, users buy apple App Store are required to bind bank card to complete. But now the good news came, the apple just push the official version iOS10.1.1 and iOS10.2 developer preview version of Beta1 firmware, domestic users long-awaited Alipay payment was finally added to the iOS system, that is to say we will be more convenient for the direct use of Alipay App Store to complete the operation of shopping. After joining Alipay payment function, users will be more convenient to buy, buy music and movies, in the iTunes Store in App Store and iOS10 iOS9 reported earlier, even if not update can also use this function. Specific operation method is as follows: iTunes Store and App Store users found in open settings, click the Apple ID and select View Apple ID, click on the payment information will find payment in a new "Alipay Alipay" option. After selection, 5 bit input Alipay account and identity card number, the account bound mobile phone number will receive a verification code, then enter the verification code, Alipay account can be successful in iTunes& App Store opened Alipay free secret payments. Now, Apple has finally realized the needs of domestic users, after joining Alipay payment, believe apple App Store revenue will also be on the floor again, if you are a iPhone user, you may wish to pick up the mobile phone binding Alipay!相关的主题文章: