Asian business forum to explore the development opportunities of Hongkong in ASEAN countries

Asia Business Forum to explore development opportunities in Hongkong – ASEAN China news agency new network in Hongkong on 29 August, (Chen Yizhou) Asia Business Forum held in Hongkong on 29. The forum is to strengthen the five links, the integration "as the theme of the Asian countries in the" The Belt and Road "and the ASEAN economic development led to the show business opportunities, and opportunities and challenges in the Hongkong. The Hongkong SAR Government Secretary for commerce and Economic Development Bureau Su Jinliang said at the meeting, Hongkong has a huge commercial network, diversified business services, which the Convention and exhibition services, procurement services, business matching services are booming, is the world famous international trade center, can assist the local government and enterprises to find suitable business partners. Consulate General of Vietnam in Hongkong, Huang Zhizhong said at the meeting, ASEAN’s economic growth accelerated, Asia is very important part of the region. In China mainland labor costs increased, he expects Hongkong will increase year by year in Vietnam agriculture, clothing, manufacturing and other industrial investment, especially the trade of textile industry will increase by $4 billion in the next few years. The Consul General of Singapore in Hongkong Fu light? Said that Hongkong and Singapore have great room for cooperation, Hongkong is the mainland Chinese super contacts with the rest of the world, while Singapore is an important role in Southeast Asian countries, the two can use this characteristic to create synergy region. For example, the financial market in Singapore to promote the use of the ASEAN countries to trade the yuan, Hongkong as the world’s largest offshore RMB settlement center can benefit. Hongkong – ASEAN economic cooperation foundation, said Lin Jiali, Hongkong can promote the region’s big data center. In addition, Hongkong is not only super contact, but also can be a super investor. In addition, we can encourage more students from ASEAN countries to study or exchange in Hongkong, ASEAN countries and promote the people". Hongkong Burma chamber of Commerce founding chairman Wang Zhenfu said that Hongkong can invest Burma electronic communications, trade in services, in addition to Burma’s population structure in young adults, the population factor? Rising, there is great potential for development and investment space. (end)相关的主题文章: