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Zotye auto Guangzhou Zotye sr7 club Whitewater Village car iptd-651

Zotye auto Guangzhou Zotye SR7 club Whitewater Village car   it’s the beginning of winter, but Guangzhou’s weather or as spring has not yet subsided, November Guangzhou city weather rain and cloudy, bustling about work life and work rhythm, very quickly, very wanted to go out for a walk, relax mood. Just at the beginning of the month when received the news that SR7 owners in 20 this month, Zengcheng to Whitewater Village driving, so the family at the weekend and the self driving tour. The first to introduce the scenic Whitewater Village Whitewater Village provincial scenic area is located in Zengcheng District in the northern mountainous area of Guangzhou city paitan Town, known as the "Tropic of cancer" jade ", the magnificent scenic Lishangao dense forests, fresh air, abundant rainfall, China created the largest waterfall drop waterfall white daffodils. That magic falls from the top of Whitewater Village waterfalls, beautiful shape, pure white, it is one of the eight incarnation of He Xiangu. From the foot to the top of the hill, built in the Whitewater Village hills Ling line is known as "the South first ladder climbing step size. It across three mountains, connecting two Tianchi, a total length of 6.6 km, a total of 9999 stone steps. Tourists hiking along this road, a station visit fairy waterfall views. Especially to the 2199 Pro waterfall Pavilion is 3299 grade or waterfall Mu Ting, still feel shocked. The waterfall hydrophilic trails leisurely strolling is close to natural, close to the immortal waterfall easier way. 299th the entrance and the hydrophilic trail south first ladder "phase, through waterfalls Taiwan to 1299th levels, a total length of 666 meters, is a natural wood plank. Visitors can walk on, overlooking the white Narcissus waterfall elegant beauty, while walking, as lively notes like a jump at the foot of the water gurgling torrent of ren. Located in the suburbs of Guangzhou Whitewater Village scenic area of Guangzhou city is a national 4A level scenic area, known as the largest waterfall drop Chinese mainland drop 428.5 meters, is the only ship built with wood and hydrophilic plank Guangdong’s longest hiking trail "south first ladder", which is the Pearl River Delta ecological leisure resort of public favor. Adhering to the principle of ecological resources protection and development of the Whitewater Village in 2012, with its own characteristics and social hot spots emerge in an endless stream of festivals makes the mountain tour more Guanbao "funny" experience. For example, "51" holiday held the "zero pollution native delicacy Festival", provides a safe shopping choice for the public, but also local health food scene teaching practice, full interactive. Whitewater Village area of about 170 square kilometers, the Tropic of cancer through them, known as the magnificent jade on the Tropic of cancer, is a mountain scenic area.     November 20th weekend early in the morning came to the 4S shop to shop after the court has a lot of friends waiting for the owners of SR7   in the exhibition hall;   see the current automobile market inside the most concern of the Porsche SR9 could not help but look at     the outside of the staff in the busy installing car travel car, they are also a novice, don’t know how to install, over to ask, will the customer service personnel have been installed to help, but suddenly!相关的主题文章:

The United States admitted that the suspects robbed students Ji Xi he is certainly rich Chinese (vid crycry

The suspect confessed to the robbery student discipline is pleased: he is Chinese certainly rich students discipline is pleased to the killing of the beginning of the trial three suspects on trial the defendant Alejandra Guerrero admitted robbery female Ji pleased, because "he is Chinese, Chinese certainly rich". (the "world news" file photo) according to the U.S. "world news" reported that the University of Southern California Chinese student discipline is pleased to murder 4 days into the second day of the trial jury, prosecutors announced the first female defendant Alejandra Guerrero was arrested in police interrogation one hour of video, Guerrero admitted beat Ji pleased selected, also said Ji pleased robbery in the road, because he is Chinese, Chinese certainly rich". Losangeles police officer Paul Shearholdt said the trial he told Guerrero the right of silence and the right to counsel, but she agreed to give up the right answer to the cops. She refuses to talk about Ji pleased events, straight beach robbery, but the police said, "the thing I’m not interested, I just want to know to go to the beach before you do what". She said that the oldest Jonathan Del Carmen 12 in the middle of the night to pick her up, but I do not know where to go". She listened to Andrew Garcia et al. Proposed to go to "rob money" (flocking someone) "suck something", 5 to 10 dollars. Later, she admitted on the road met Ji Yi, Ji readily shot hit her friend, she has a gray wrench, fight back to the court. The police said, near USC Street surveillance video is everywhere, "we have seen the video, know that night of the incident, you do not". She said, they see Ji Xin and think in the street, "he is Chinese, Chinese certainly rich" (He is an Chinese guy, Chinese guy must have money). So, she and Garcia to Ji pleased, and asked him "what" is in your pocket, but "Ji pleased as if to say Chinese, we did not understand what he said," Garcia clenched his fist in his face and beat the past, played at least three. She admitted that she had begun, but she explained, was because the discipline is pleased to grab her arm, she just defense, "I asked Garcia to help me". Finally, the discipline is pleased to run, they did not grab what. The police asked her whether she had done such a thing before, she said three times, the last time in a week before the party". The end of the police for questioning after Guerrero’s approval, in her mouth collected DNA samples. The court also showed two surveillance videos taken near the 29 street. Video shows that the four defendants and a girl who was only 14 years old was not indicted, five people together to ride a dark 1993 Honda Accord car, midnight to reach the vicinity of the incident. They drove a few minutes in the transit area, roadside parking, after getting off.相关的主题文章:

The man who can’t get to the bottom of the ocean is a man who wears a watch

Who does not go to the deep limit of the man wearing a watch to lead: a man, with his team composed of professional divers, the human shadow engraved on the bottom of the Antarctic ice, to complete this feat with no predecessors. His purpose is not to prove the ultimate challenge or sense of ceremony flag Li Wei, "" deep enough that the Antarctic ice sheet history achievement, approaches the mission is still in his eyes, he is driven by "the true light is the life", is an incredibly warm mind, lovely creatures to explore and protect the world’s ocean. Antarctic, the ultimate earth; it with many of the world’s most indifferent delineated world of despair, behind the snow is not profane natural dignity. The most frigid inland, the average temperature of minus 40 DEG C to minus 60 DEG C, plate glass like fragile, hot water freezes before landing; most of the storm, the wind 40-50m s 100m s, the maximum wind speed, the real "world wind"; the dry land, the annual precipitation in the middle of 5mm, than the Sahara the desert precipitation is still scarce; the most lonely, the world has not only residents of the mainland, the earth the most desolate human indifference zone. In the extreme, even fatal to him, the human is extremely small and helpless, but a man, with his team composed of professional divers, the human shadow engraved on the bottom of the Antarctic ice, to complete this feat with no predecessors. His purpose is not to prove the ultimate challenge or sense of ceremony flag Li Wei, "" deep enough that the Antarctic ice sheet history achievement, approaches the mission is still in his eyes, he is driven by "the true light is the life", is an incredibly warm mind, lovely creatures to explore and protect the world’s ocean. Maybe you some strange to him, but he is really human understanding of nature, natural records have made indelible contributions to the lovely and honorable man called Lauren · Valle Star (Laurent Ballesta). Lauren · Valle Star (Laurent Ballesta) said the man who knew him the image of a little "contradiction", but the "contradiction" is more attractive: Conquest of the Antarctic and the embrace of unyielding men, gentle warm male animal, is the best photography scientist, is the most skilled diving artist, is the world the top marine biologist Hans · Haas and Blancpain fifty fathoms (Hans Hass Fifty Fathoms award winner, Award) on him, the joke very vivid: "not deep-sea photography scientist is not a good guy"! Lauren · image language Ballesta very interesting, a row of penguins, into the water after the swim; waking up in the water seal, smiling at you sell adorable; under his shot, the cold Antarctic ice to regain temperature, natural wonders and extraordinary as if done by the spirits of the polar life vividly alive in the world.相关的主题文章:

30 tips to improve your life! – Sohu

30 tips to improve your life! Sohu dear friends, have you ever had to spend more energy because you don’t know a certain knowledge or information? Know a little more than others will make their own detours! Today Xiaobian tell you 30 cold life knowledge, easy to use also help you save time and effort! Come on, first, give a little clap and cheer! Clean the hair with a plastic bag with a plastic bag wrapped mop, electrostatic ground hair will be produced by the plastic bag was taken away. Use a spoon to overflow when boiling soup can be afraid of the highest value, it can make the intermediate spoon boiling place cannot achieve on both sides of the overflow. With the book stable in the refrigerator in the refrigerator and put the bottle the bottle is not steady, the tray can take a book clip of the refrigerator, put on the bottle is stable. Bottled water leaving a space with thermal insulation best bottled boiling water, don’t fill the void left with 2 – 3 cm, which can prolong the holding time, because the air in the bottle can be insulated. Use the toilet paper to iced drinks iced drinks, can make the toilet paper and then water in the bottle wrapped around a circle. With cardboard and chopsticks made the following steps with egg shaped, elastic, chopsticks and cardboard can make a heart-shaped egg, but must be cooked! With the big bottle cap when the toothbrush holder to dig a large cap to hang a toothbrush, the supermarket can not buy the toothbrush holder you do not want to do? Big bottles with a large plastic bottle waste transformation under the sandals became super practical shoe, beautiful place. Clip help bracelets clip side with the thumb and index finger pull, the other side of the hook in the bracelet, without the help of others you can wear bracelet. Pin to pin clip in anti-static trousers can prevent the generation of static electricity. Tin Mao Xianqiu took a few clean storage bottles, tie a hole in the bottle after the ball inside, no longer afraid of Mao Xianqiu the luanluande. Use the clothes Jiadang "plan remind clip" old clothes peg modification, brush your love color, write the word to remind the clip! With a clothespin flowerpots clothespin and cans together, small fresh flower was born! With a beverage bottle and the old CD to make a large pot of beverage bottles and waste discs, and then painted on the color, pure handmade vases produced! With convenient cleaning the keyboard with the sign notes the adhesive part is inserted into the keyboard gap, can put the keyboard in the dust sticking out. The clothes with soap solution stuck zipper zipper stuck, stuck with soap daub on the part, it solves! Use a spoon to edema if you have problems face edema after early morning, with a spoon gently massage in eye position, repeat from the inside corner to sliding action, you can play the effect of the water swelling. ?相关的主题文章:

Release in July and she won the praise of the unveiling of the Hongkong Asian Film Festival (video)

"Release" in July and she won the praise of the unveiling of the Hongkong Asian Film Festival "in July and she" release today, Mid Autumn Festival on the first film Tencent reputation behind the secret of entertainment news by Peter Chan, producer Xu Yuezhen, directed by Derek Tsang, Dongyu Zhou, Ma Sichun, Li Chengbin starred in the movie "in July and still" today (September 14th) at the national release. Reporters recently learned that the film has been selected for the 2016 Hongkong Asian Film Festival opening film. Hongkong Asian Film Festival since 2004 by the Hongkong Asian Film Festival Association, designed to tap the new generation of Asian films. The issuer said that the film festival is certainly further blessing on July and still "quality". And the good news for the first time synchronization, the film side announced the film "twins" version and a poster behind the creation of special. The poster, "she" (Dongyu Zhou) and "July" (Ma Sichun ornaments) red and blue CP to form the "two sides" twin flowers, and the original interpretation of the baby Anne "they are two one self consistent. The movie "in July and she" since the start of September 6th, the 12 city point since, regardless of the general audience, professional critics, or the media reporters have given the annual "surprise", "2016 most understand the girl movie" IP "adaptation of new model of" high praise, praise the film ingenious, constantly surprises, ending warm that is the most suitable for the Mid Autumn Festival to watch the movie". Aspect one: emotional delicate! The 2016 girls understand "wanton tears of the movie" in July and she "adapted from the famous Chinese youth literature writer Anne baby as the founder level. Tells the story of "peace" and "July" of two girls from the age of 13 years of acquaintance, the fetters of growth story. When the rebellion and "still" with the clever lady "July", they hit it off, grow together, share their feelings, even in love with a boy, but also several times because of "love" and "let". However, the theme of the film broke the previous Youth Theme made films for the love of tear force ", no groan enjoin neither painful nor itching disease blood routine, really will focus on the two girls growing up constantly tangled cut, but the above pure emotion to each other. Director Derek Tsang said that "the two of them is a woman of symbiosis, are two sides of a woman, the play was very attractive to me is that you can put in July and is the same person as she to deal with." The original Anne baby will explain the relationship between the two: "a person’s heart of the two self, self confrontation and reconciliation." When dealing with the feelings and emotions of two people, the film pays more attention to the expression of the inner feelings of the characters, and displays the "small emotions" and "careful thinking" of the two different characters. Actress Sandra Ng in the concept of the movie was touched, said: "look at the time have been thinking that they are still in July alone, so touched, cried many times, now the eye is swollen." Actor Song Jia said he cried many times: "this is the director’s debut? Really not like. Girls in the heart of the place is very delicate, he caught too place!" Aspect two: adaptation model! The most difficult IP contribution "the most warm heart mid autumn feast" in July and she "is Anne’s first baby movie works. Director Peter Chan rate.相关的主题文章:

The son of Song Dandan is a tall boy! Live game or dota2 champion 2828创业网

The son of Song Dandan is a tall boy! Live games or DOTA2 champion talking about the star playing the game, and even open a live, it is nothing new. One is LOL, we can think of Jay Chou, Angelbaby, Chen He, Lin Update Star; and when it comes to DOTA2, JJ Lin and Jeremy Lin have also written a. But in fact, there is such a star, playing the game played a league title, it is beyond our imagination! Yes, he is Song Dandan’s son…… The son of Song Dandan (pseudo) well, not the son, is Song Dandan’s son — Bartle. Bartle: Yes, Song Dandan’s son Bartle is the star of "Mi month biography" Qin Wu Wang win swing actor. In addition to an actor, he was still a high game play, the game host, and the famous game "magic" of the Chinese District Community ambassador! Open the micro-blog Bartle, it is not difficult to find that this man will not only send some entertainment stars and daily life, also many game related posts, and these posts about the game apparently more frequency! Bartle micro-blog open micro-blog page, hearthstone legend and magic is the most frequent. Even recently abroad as the magic China District Community ambassador, visit the PAX Exhibition (comics and card games show, "" hearthstone legend had on PAX first exposure). Bartle micro-blog and Bartle in addition to playing the game, but also opened a live broadcast of a game anchor Bartle. But in the game, you may think he is the most "hearthstone" in flush the legend, or the sun about "magic" of the new card package. However, I did not expect is that Bartle is still a bit DOTA2 players, and also play very slip (it is said that the strength of 5000 points straight)! Not long ago also led the team to win the DOTA2 client in the autumn of 2016 the warriors seventh league level champion, as their anchor road painted a thick and heavy in colours. Bartle won the Champions League with Bartle as an actor, "" Mi months pass in acting to win a lot of the audience, but also to get rid of the own star two generation image; and as a game player, Bartle in the live broadcast at the same time, also proved the strength of their game technology. Magic, hearthstone legend, DOTA2, is Bartle’s masterpiece, he did a power game anchor need to do everything, unlike ordinary star games as a propaganda and general wanpiao. In the live game, learn skills of shooting fun, online activities, and master blows in games, life really envy and admire so many game player. Bartle (Editor: D source: 17173) Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: