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Compact appearance, clear shooting, the recorder can also play live – Sohu Technology

Compact appearance, clear shooting, the recorder can also play live – Sohu technology believe that you have a small car partner, most of the installation of a traffic recorder. You may think that the recorder is just to stay in the record driving journey, but with social media more and more developed, a road passenger T3 tachograph combined with social media, let buddies to share, to live with you today very gentleman to speak. Polar road passenger T3 video resolution reached 1080P. Only two fingers will be able to complete the 360° camera; rotation, inside and outside the car can shoot. And the use of F2.0 large aperture, all glass 141° diagonal wide-angle lens, video clearer and brighter, more open vision. With outdoor components can also become a professional outdoor camera. Wireless remote control, you can grab pictures or 12 seconds (about 6 seconds before and after the button) video, and separate storage. Three clicks can also be shared through the way to micro-blog APP, WeChat, QQ and other social media. Like to share a small partner can always drying out their journey. In addition, the pole off T3 can also be broadcast live through APP, and can freely set the length. WDR wide dynamic technology, Matsushita low illumination and high performance image sensor, better depth, greater amount of light, let the night the same clear picture. When the vehicle is turned off after the road T3 will switch to the parking security mode, if someone close will trigger the shooting function, with a step-down line can be achieved 7× 24 hours monitoring. Small partners no longer have to worry about the car was secretly destroyed and can not find people. WIFI T3 has a dual mode WiFi mode, compared to the traditional traffic recorder, pole road passenger T3 just need to connect the phone WIFI and the device, you can synchronize the video to the phone. Cumulative stored video for 16 days, and the maximum support 128GB TF Card expansion. —————END————— want it? I send you ah! Here is the very road guest T3 recorder free! Fee! Send! Get 1 open WeChat, search and pay attention to the public number: extreme fruit nets 2 reply Keywords: recorder相关的主题文章:

Xi Jinping’s political life and inner Party Supervision from the leading cadres candle june

Xi Jinping on the political life and the supervision within the party leading cadres from the original title: Start: Xi Jinping on political life and supervision within the party in October 24th, China eighteenth CPC Central Committee sixth plenary meeting will be held. Earlier, the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau meeting in September 27th, have heard about "under the new situation in the political life of the party" Chinese several criteria "Communist Party Supervision Regulations" of the draft report. The sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, the two documents will be submitted for consideration. In fact, since eighteen, general secretary Xi Jinping has talked about comprehensive strictly, strengthen and standardize the political life of the party, strengthen inner-party supervision and other topics on several occasions. In this regard, the reporter on the relevant discussion carried out combing. Serious party political life. From the political life of the party tube has a serious party political life is the basis of comprehensive strictly. The party must first from the political life of the party tube; strictly, the first from the political life of the party from the strict. We must strengthen and standardize the political life of the party, the party’s political discipline and political rules, and enhance the political nature of the party’s political life, the times, the principle of combat, a comprehensive purification of the party’s political ecology. All comrades in the party should strengthen political consciousness, overall situation consciousness, core consciousness, par consciousness, and be loyal to the party, party, party, share bear responsibility to the party responsible. In July 1, 2016, to celebrate the 95 anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China conference speech. To strengthen ideological and political construction in the first place serious party political life is a great article, the most important of which is around the party’s ideological line, political line, organizational line, the mass line, organizational life and other key content of upholding and improving democratic centralism, strict party, focus on solving problems. To consolidate and strengthen the ideological and political construction in the first place, to guide the party members especially leading cadres, and build a strong belief base, complement the spirit of calcium, careful thought rudder, firm road of socialism Chinese confidence, theoretical confidence, confidence in the system, cultural self-confidence, enhance the consciousness of the party, the party consciousness, sense of purpose, adhere to the truth and stick to the right path, adhere to the principle, adhere to the rules, in order to achieve the beliefs, personality, hard work conduct. To adhere to the excitation of turbidity and jizhuoyangqing, Yang Qing with both hands, let the positive energy, let unhealthy tendencies undetected, eradicate corruption this most deadly "source of pollution", to further promote the style construction, adhere to the correct guidance, really let those loyal, clean, dry, play get praise and reuse, let those but, do nothing, and curry favour with resort to deceit, will run to the market, subject to disciplinary cadres did not advocate, refreshing cool gay relationships, well behaved subordinate relationship. To establish rules and regulations of the moment, the rules of discipline stand up, strict up, so that the rules of discipline really become a live high-voltage line to prevent the broken window effect". In June 28, 2016, it emphasizes the political life of the party to carry out the basic norms of serious party political life seriously in the thirty-third Politburo collective study, is the fine tradition of our party. Since the founding of our party, it attaches great importance to the political life of the party, in the long-term practice has gradually formed to seek truth from facts相关的主题文章:

Beijing Liaoning Dalian million Charitable Fund – helping poor families

Liaoning Dalian million charity helping poor families – Beijing Beijing in November 15 Dalian Xinhua (reporter Yang Yi) "the combination of warm love deep health times" charity donation ceremony in Liaoning on 15 held in Dalian, the city of "family planning households" and "three old" will be "Qi trace and charity fund" love and social groups worth more than ten million yuan donation assistance. According to reports, "Qi Ji and charity fund" established in January this year, the total size of 10 million yuan earmarked for helping poor families in Dalian City family planning". On the day of the donation ceremony, Qi Jing investment fund to inject 1 million yuan to the fund. At the same time, also to the city’s Jiangxi San Huimin pharmaceutical three elderly donated medicine health care value of 1 million and 1000 sets of 150 thousand yuan worth of underwear. Diao Chengbao, vice president of Dalian Charity Federation, said the charity project is a concrete manifestation of the purpose of charity. Under the new situation, the Dalian Charity Federation will play the first mover advantage, promote cooperation in charity relief, joint public charity organizations to make bigger, stronger, and do excellent charity assistance projects. Diao Chengbao believes that we must adhere to the mature fund-raising way, but also to open up a new fund-raising channels. To adhere to the combination of charity donations and assistance, development of social charity resources, increase the intensity of the project management way. In addition, to launch the difficult group, the amount of funds needed, can attract all walks of life in a small donation relief project, is a down to earth to one or more of a charity. (end)相关的主题文章:

Polls show $3 trillion and 600 billion in exchange for the more insecure of the United States yezimei

Poll: $3 trillion and 600 billion in exchange for the more secure America poll: $3 trillion and 600 billion for the security of the United States is more Sun Zhuo [according to a US government report, since the "9· after 11, the United States has spent $3 trillion and 600 billion for counter-terrorism spending. "In fact, the American people have never walked out of the shadow of 9· 11." 15 years later, an American journalist who has reported "9·," "11," described the road. September 11, 2001, the United States, New York World Trade Center terrorist attacks. 1 years later, the Pugh Institute for public opinion poll center on the Americans, whether the United States that terrorism makes the u.s.. The results showed that 39% of Americans believe that the security of the United States in the "9· 11" after the attack was not affected; 33% of people think that the security of the United States in the "9· 11" improved; about 22% of people think that in the United States, "9· less safe 11". However, this seemingly optimistic results did not last long. A similar survey conducted by the Pugh research center in August showed that more than 40% of Americans believe that the current U.S. is more vulnerable to terrorist attacks than "9· 11". According to a report released by the U.S. government, since the 9· 11, the United States has spent $3 trillion and 600 billion for counter-terrorism spending. 15 years later, why do Americans think the United States is less secure than ever? Cross party cooperation is no longer an analyst pointed out, "9· 11" after the United States is safer than in 2001?" The problem can be demonstrated by data, facts, and government related information, but it is another question whether citizens feel safer. After all, "feeling safe" involves too many emotional factors, including public opinion on the current government and global issues. President Obama in "9· 11" Commemoration recalls, 15 years ago, the Illinois senator he left the office in Chicago, second terrorists hijacked the aircraft launched the attack on The Pentagon. "I was standing on the street watching Hill Star (Chicago landmark), and I was worried about it (Hill Star) would be the next target to be attacked. I remember the night when my daughter was sleeping, I was thinking about what kind of world we would grow up in." Obama said, "more than 3 thousand lives were taken away in a day, and for the first time I felt that our country was so fragile." 15 years ago, the terrorist attacks of the Democratic Party and the Republican Party unprecedented unity. Immediately announced that "all legislative debates in Congress" ceasefire "in 9· 11" after the incident at the Washington Capitol Hill building on the steps of singing the National Anthem of the United states. Not only that, the Democratic Party is also rare相关的主题文章:

Samsung’s $22 billion market value evaporated $note issued a security warning 7 Parties

Samsung’s $22 billion market value evaporated all Note 7 security warning U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes Sina warrants stocks 12, Bloomberg News Beijing reported that Samsung in two days the market value fell to $22 billion, as investors consider the smart phone Note 7 the ban and warning expanded, will bring greater blow to Samsung profits. Samsung shares since Friday has tumbled 11%, the highest since 2008 the biggest decline in two days. Prior to U.S. regulators and Samsung warned users will Note 7 shutdown and do not charge. Civil aviation authorities and airlines have called on passengers to stop using the device during flight. The decline in the share price suggests that the Samsung brand’s damage may well exceed the early estimate of $1 billion a single product recall costs. Over the past few years, Samsung invested heavily in brand marketing, hoping to launch a few weeks ago in the new iPhone, Samsung released its new equipment, leading apple. Now this advantage has disappeared. IDC is responsible for equipment research vice president Bryan Ma said that Samsung’s nightmare intensified; it is difficult to distinguish the given models, airlines or prohibit all Samsung phone, but not limited to Note 7; if so, Note 7 may eventually drag other Samsung products. Samsung on September 2nd announced the recall, previously found 36 smart phone Note battery fire or explosion of 7. On Saturday, Samsung called on South Korean users to stop using the device and send the product back to Samsung’s service center. Less than 7 months from the listing of Note. Equipped with new battery Note 7 is scheduled for September 19th listing. The headquarters is located in Suwon Samsung said in announcing the recall, including consumers and operators holding mobile phone, has shipped about 2 million 500 thousand Note 7. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and Samsung are negotiating a formal recall of the device as soon as possible. Almost all of CPSC’s recall cases are voluntary cooperation with the company, while the scope of action for the Note 7 or consistent with Samsung has been recommended to consumers. But once CPSC is involved, it will trigger additional protections for consumers. For example, when CPSC takes action, American law prohibits the sale or re sale of recalled goods. After the United States made a serious response, the uncertainty about Note 7 recall has increased, IBK Securities Co. analyst in Seoul Lee Seung Woo said. Samsung had to update each Note 7 battery, as soon as possible to solve the situation now, appease consumers. In the worst case, Samsung or had to consider temporarily interrupt the sale of Note 7." Original title Samsung by Billion Note 7 Safety Pile Up responsible editor: Guo 8, as,, Warnings相关的主题文章:

The battle of the king of the War Within Three Kingdoms the Beijing Open champion mcncc

"War Within Three Kingdoms king battle" Beijing Open champion was born in troubled times over more heroes, the king of world order, the raging flames of war from the distant three combustion to the current capital. In November 5, 2016 6, Beijing Qinglong Hutong No. 1, Gehua Building Conference Center 11 layer surging poll, by the tour card board games organized by the "War Within Three Kingdoms king battle" Beijing open tournament held here. With the gaming concept of constant temperature, as the nation’s top game tournament, "War Within Three Kingdoms king battle" Beijing open is many gaming enthusiasts and "War Within Three Kingdoms" game player has brought together from all over the country’s elite players and the top teams.   three scuffle, fight endlessly; pedestria against peak. This elite athletic event, players from all corners of the country have left their imprint in the signature on the wall. And in the game, they are fully show their competitive strength and the powerful charm of electronic sports. The scene to participate in the tournament player, play tactical styles, with equal strength.   the online Beijing open, not only has a high professional level, and the creation of "War Within Three Kingdoms 4v4" and "War Within Three Kingdoms commander" two points of the game, bonuses of nearly 40 thousand yuan is the envy of. After several rounds of fierce fighting and fighting competition, "War Within Three Kingdoms 4v4" events of the crown by the "send go" team won, and received 15000 yuan prize; runner up by "Qin Acrobatic Troupe" team won, receive a bonus of 5000 yuan; the third is "chase" team won, and won 3000 yuan bonus.   at the same time, Cauchy’s _ wash socks, lonely drunk, Zhang Wuji in the "War Within Three Kingdoms commander" project of the crown, runner up, 5000 yuan, 3000 yuan, 1000 yuan reward game respectively.   two fierce competition, the masters and masters confrontation, passion and blood blend, a sports event in Beijing finally ended. Then, the next round of competition will begin, please look forward to. With the development of the times, "gaming" has become one of the world’s common language and cultural symbols. 2016 is the first year of War Within Three Kingdoms’s gaming, as the highest specifications, the most professional games sports event, "king of war" series of events is also Chinese game history and the history of a thick and heavy in colours gaming has a great influence, and has attracted widespread attention and praise, game player industry, is a major industry event the Chinese gaming benchmark, bearing the glory and the dream stage.   War Within Three Kingdoms king of the war "is the Hangzhou tour card network technology limited company held the official professional tournament, won the majority of the" War Within Three Kingdoms "game player recognition, game player in the group of influential. The 2016 War Within Three Kingdoms king battle "to take the whole gaming mode, open a new chapter of War Within Three Kingdoms king of war".相关的主题文章: