Beijing Liaoning Dalian million Charitable Fund – helping poor families

Liaoning Dalian million charity helping poor families – Beijing Beijing in November 15 Dalian Xinhua (reporter Yang Yi) "the combination of warm love deep health times" charity donation ceremony in Liaoning on 15 held in Dalian, the city of "family planning households" and "three old" will be "Qi trace and charity fund" love and social groups worth more than ten million yuan donation assistance. According to reports, "Qi Ji and charity fund" established in January this year, the total size of 10 million yuan earmarked for helping poor families in Dalian City family planning". On the day of the donation ceremony, Qi Jing investment fund to inject 1 million yuan to the fund. At the same time, also to the city’s Jiangxi San Huimin pharmaceutical three elderly donated medicine health care value of 1 million and 1000 sets of 150 thousand yuan worth of underwear. Diao Chengbao, vice president of Dalian Charity Federation, said the charity project is a concrete manifestation of the purpose of charity. Under the new situation, the Dalian Charity Federation will play the first mover advantage, promote cooperation in charity relief, joint public charity organizations to make bigger, stronger, and do excellent charity assistance projects. Diao Chengbao believes that we must adhere to the mature fund-raising way, but also to open up a new fund-raising channels. To adhere to the combination of charity donations and assistance, development of social charity resources, increase the intensity of the project management way. In addition, to launch the difficult group, the amount of funds needed, can attract all walks of life in a small donation relief project, is a down to earth to one or more of a charity. (end)相关的主题文章: