Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen deep network about the new regulations of the car comments (policy in shiyang

Beijing Shanghai Guangzhou Shenzhen network about cars new regulations comments (policy focus?) –IT– –   Beijing Shanghai the license plate of residence in the city of the city driving license, driver application, 1 years before the traffic safety law does not exceed 5 –   Shanghai and Shenzhen require fuel vehicles up to 2700 mm wheelbase above –   Guangzhou the provisions of the others about the car network operation the maximum penalty of 3000 yuan net about the car to ride to the legal, compliance, taxi to reform, in October 8th, Beijing is Shanghai’s hot three management regulations, also appeared in the official website of the government, public comment. Beijing City, the city is about to be net car vehicle license plate 5 seat or 7 seat passenger car three car passenger car body, the mark about the car posted net. The term of the right to operate the vehicle shall not exceed 8 years from the date of registration of the vehicle (or the mileage reaches to 600 thousand km), and the right to operate the vehicle shall not be transferred without authorization. Net about car driver required for the residence in the city, the city issued a driver’s license, age 60 years old male, female 55 years of age, physical health, the filing date of the previous year is no more than 5 times of driving a motor vehicle on road traffic safety violations, serious violations of the taxi is not included in the information database etc.. Provide service about the car through the network reservation, not parade showmanship. Network about car platform company shall not be dynamic price adjustment, not monopoly. Net about car to provide the city taxi special invoice. Shanghai requires that the network about the car should be registered in the city, motor vehicles to meet the national emission standards for more than five. The vehicle should be through the business vehicle environmental protection and safety inspection, should the insured business intercourse strong insurance, commercial third party liability insurance, passenger accident insurance, fixed vehicle satellite positioning should be installed in accordance with the standard. And data access to the industry regulatory platform, while the installation of emergency information to the public security organs to send emergency alarm devices, etc.. In addition, the vehicle’s wheelbase should reach a certain standard, which is about the car for fuel vehicles, the wheelbase should reach 2700 mm or more; for new energy vehicles, the wheelbase should reach more than 2650 mm. Shanghai city about car drivers should have the city residence. At the same time, the city network about the driver should be held by the city public security organs issued motor vehicle driver’s license. From the filing date of the previous year is no more than 5 times of driving a motor vehicle on road traffic safety violations, since the date of application of 5 years ago, no revoked cruising taxi qualification record. As of the date of the application, no more than 5 road violations overdue treatment has not yet been accepted. According to Xinhua news agency, Shenzhen, October 8 – (reporter Mao Siqian, Hu Linguo) Shenzhen city about the Interim Measures for the management of vehicles announced on the 8 and to the public for comments  . According to the regulations, be engaged in the network about the car operating vehicles shall meet the conditions prescribed by the state, shall also meet the following conditions: Shenzhen city registered more than 5 seats, 7 seat the following passenger vehicle driving license; the date stated in the initial registration to apply under the age of two years; fuel vehicle wheelbase of 2700 mm or more, the displacement of 1950 ml or more, to achieve pollutant emission standards of motor vehicles in Shenzhen City, or the vehicle wheelbase 2700 mm, with a displacement of 1750 CC)相关的主题文章: