By the four run group awards on the future development of running group

By the four run group awards on future development of the western group ran Running Festival of the most popular group ran four awards on the run group by group ran for future development it is reported that this event is running through the network appraisal way, the selection of the best western, the most popular group ran and awards. Sina Sichuan editor in chief Mr. Deng Kai said that the original intention of the ceremony was held, in order to run the feast ceremony ceremony, to create a brand belonging to the west of their own run group awards ceremony. Sina Sichuan has set up a special western most popular run group "," western new run group "," the most influential run group "," Best Western run group "four awards from all walks of life, hope that through this way to enjoy running support and encouragement. At the awards ceremony, on the theme of the construction and future analysis of the running industry, launched the salon Roundtable forum. What problems may be encountered in the future development? How to solve? Should the group be commercialized? In this regard, sina Sichuan sports director Shi billion, marathon Liang Xiang and other professionals in the field of intense discussion. After more than 3 hours after the ceremony, the ceremony in the West running photo all running team leaders and guests in a perfect ending. As of this year, the sentinel Umma activities, it is not only an awards ceremony, but for every run group, participating in the marathon running by the biggest fans. On September 25th at 7:40 in the morning, Wenjiang floraland Ferris wheel, Mengniu Chengdu? 2016 Wenjiang international marathon together with you "slow to enjoy Wenjiang out of interest"!相关的主题文章: