Canon Nikon intends to borrow the entry of the dispute, to snatch the SONY Fuji’s Sohu – off technol 4000dy

Canon Nikon intends to borrow the "entry of the dispute, snatch SONY Fuji’s advantage – Sohu if technology to the number of video industry" classic showdown "big Canon Nikon two particularly exciting method. Between 2014 and two years, Canon, Nikon, two fighting battlefield are on the flagship of the fuselage. EOS Mark II and D500, 1DX Mark II and D5, the two groups can be seen in the duel between the old factory in the pursuit of the camera shooting speed of the accumulation of technology in the. But since Canon released 5D4, Nikon did not launch the corresponding product response. The second half of 2016, Nikon demonstrated a sense of weakness. After the battle of the full range of flagship battle, Nikon has gone through the Xiongben earthquake, layoffs, DL delivery delays, as well as D750 and D810 updates failed to respond to the expectations of the audience…… Although they use KeyMission pulled one back in motion camera line, but for traditional camera users, this move did not bring much confidence for them. Of course, as one of the main engine of the traditional camera factory, Nikon did not stop there. At present, they plan to do next year, is preparing to enter the entry-level SLR market. In addition, may also be preparing EOS 6D Mark Canon, is also plotting another thing. Nikon: D5500 on the line, D3400 host to talk about in 2016 there is no SLR new machine Nikon, they will be released in the near future an entry-level body D5600. At the same time, the image evaluation agencies DxO also released the results of the D3400 test, which also brings good news for entry-level Nikon sales. According to the image information blog NikonRumors (NR) reported that the D5600 will be a small change in support of D5500, the key and multi angle flip screen will still be retained, the low pass filter to 24 million pixel APS-C CMOS sensor should also be retained. The Nikon update focus on the dynamic range of the upgrade, as well as the new SnapBridge remote control software support. There are rumors that the new body will support 4K video recording, but the credibility is not too high. In addition, the results of the newly released Nikon D3400 entry machine also has a positive impact. Recently, DxO announced the sensor test scores for the latest Nikon APS-C fuselage frame. From the published test data to see, overall D3400 score was 86 points: the performance for a 3 prefix entry-level body is already quite good, just a point behind D7200 in second. Being pressed in the back, as well as the previous generation of intermediate APS-C fuselage D7100, go through the low pass D5500, as well as Nikon’s flagship D500 APS-C Bo相关的主题文章: