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The Spring Festival holiday of mainland tourists to Hongkong retailers reduced sales dismal 昏前婚后txt下载

The Spring Festival holiday of mainland tourists to Hongkong retailers reduced sales dismal U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes Sina warrants stocks 18, Bloomberg News Beijing reported that due to China mainland tourists dropped, Hongkong Fu and Sasa international retail and released during the Spring Festival holiday sales sharp drop. According to Zhou Dafu’s announcement to the Hongkong Stock Exchange on Wednesday, the same store sales revenue fell by 28% in January 25th, compared with that during the Spring Festival in 2015, and the company expects the sales performance to be weaker than the previous quarter in the 14 quarter. Sasa also announced that the Lunar New Year’s day to the seventh day, same store sales fell 19% year-on-year, the mainland trading volume fell 18%. The slowdown in China’s economy and the government’s anti-corruption campaign have hit luxury retailers in Hongkong and Macao, and Chinese tourists are not even in these two places. According to the latest data from the Hongkong tourism development board, in November and December last year, arrivals in mainland China dropped by about 16% over the same period, a decrease for seven consecutive months. Zhou Dafu said in the announcement, "management expects the fourth quarter of the retail environment will continue to be challenging, sales performance will be worse than the third quarter."." The company’s fiscal year ended at the end of 3. Editor in chief: Zhang Yujie SF107

春节假期内地游客大减 香港零售商销售惨淡 美股行情中心:独家提供全美股行业板块、盘前盘后、ETF、权证实时行情   新浪美股讯 北京时间18日彭博报道,由于中国内地游客锐减,香港零售商周大福和莎莎国际所公布的春节假期期间销售大幅下降。   据周大福周三递交给香港交易所的公告,1月25日-2月14日期间同店销售收入比2015年春节期间下挫28%,公司预计本季度的销售表现将弱于上个季度。莎莎国际也发布公告称农历新年初一至初七,同店销售额按年下降19%,其中内地客交易量下跌18%。   中国经济增长放缓以及政府的反腐倡廉行动已冲击香港和澳门的奢侈品零售商,中国游客也不到这两个地方。据来自香港旅游发展局的最近数据,去年11月和12月,中国内地抵港访客同比下降约16%,为连续七个月减少。   周大福在公告中称,“管理层预期第四季度的零售环境将继续充满挑战,销售表现将较第三季度逊色。”该公司的会计年度截至3月末。 责任编辑:张玉洁 SF107相关的主题文章:

Last year the commission handling 16 thousand reports guide sound voting mechanism 下标访问越界

Last year the commission handling 16 thousand reported Xinhua news agency, Beijing sound guide voting mechanism on 11 February, (reporter Xu Sheng, Zhao Xiaohui) reporter learned from the Chinese Commission before the Commission in 2015 16 thousand annual disposal report, through the 12386 hotline to deal with all kinds of investors demand of nearly 100 thousand. Last year, the Commission’s implementation of the "fair around" special activities throughout the country opened 12386 hotline direct dial hotline docking pilot; complaint and mediation; perfect "one-stop" complaint handling coordination mechanism, establish a complaint review screening and return mechanism etc.. With the strengthening of investor rights protection, the Commission also improve the diversified dispute resolution mechanism, play the trade associations, local mediation organizations dispute mediation function, a year to complete dispute mediation 1900, the settlement of disputes involving the amount of more than 100 million yuan. In addition, the SFC guides listed companies to constantly improve voting mechanism. Last year, the number of shareholders of listed companies using the network voting 2759, a total of 7973 times, an increase of 25%, 57%; cumulative voting has 1860, a total of 1947 times, an increase of 49%, 36%. Cancel the voting rights shareholding limit of 1082 companies, an increase of 200%. CSRC is also leading small and medium investors to participate in the voting. A year, the implementation of small and medium investors separate votes of listed companies 2324, a total of 9413 times, respectively, an increase of 40%, 182%. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

证监会去年处置1.6万件举报 引导健全投票机制   新华社北京2月11日电(记者许晟、赵晓辉)记者日前从中国证监会获悉,证监会2015年全年处置1.6万件举报,通过12386热线处理各类投资者诉求近10万件。   去年一年,证监会实施的“公平在身边”专项活动贯穿始终,开通了12386热线全国直拨;试点开展热线投诉与调解对接;完善“一站式”投诉处理协作机制,建立投诉复核筛查和回访机制等等。   随着投资者权益保护力度的加强,证监会还完善多元化纠纷解决机制,发挥行业协会、地方调解组织纠纷调解功能,一年间完成纠纷调解1900起,解决争议涉及金额超过1亿元。   此外,证监会引导上市公司不断健全投票机制。去年一年,上市公司股东大会采用网络投票的有2759家,共7973次,同比增加25%、57%;实施累积投票的有1860家,共1947次,同比增加49%、36%。取消征集投票权持股比例限制的公司1082家,同比增加200%。   证监会也在不断引导中小投资者参与表决。一年间,实施中小投资者单独计票的上市公司2324家,共9413次,分别同比增加40%、182%。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

Wenzhou shunshun general manager of the loan related fraud platform into personal capital pool 五邑大学选课系统

Wenzhou shunshun general manager of the loan related fraud platform into personal capital pool Wenzhou shunshun loan manager suspected fraud court case involving the P2P platform into a personal "pool" in recent years, P2P networks loans in the "illegal" whirlpool. With the P2P lending site number and size of loans soared, payment crisis, collapse, Juankuan run away phenomenon also appeared frequently, some even suspected of illegal deposits from the public. Therefore, Chinese people’s Bank and other ten departments issued a "guidance" on promoting the healthy development of Internet banking, P2P net lending, Internet payment and equity to raise public business scope, and the supervision department functions and responsibilities. At the same time, regulators also P2P net loan suspected illegal deposit to crack down severely. As of early December 2015, because the e rent treasure and associated companies suspected of illegal fund-raising, e rent treasure actual controller, Yucheng Group Chairman Ding Ning controlled by the police. The three cases selected by the Journal of the Legal Daily today are also typical cases of the regulatory authorities to crack down on the illegal acts of P2P net lending. – reporter Wang Chun reporter newspaper correspondent Lu Xuan Zhejiang city of Wenzhou province "shunshun loan launch P2P network lending platform, that risk control system management team has many years of experience and improve the field of finance to the outside world, and the third party supervision and control of funds, investors" interest + bonus "mode of income. However, only more than 3 months of operation, the operator will voluntarily surrender to the public security organs, 175 investors totaling 339.9 yuan, the amount of money did not recover, why is this? This morning, Wenzhou city Lucheng District People’s court hearing of the former general manager of Wenzhou shunshun loan folk financing information service Co. Ltd. Lin suspected fraud case. Chemical industry "switch" the financial industry, this year 39 years old Lin is Zhejiang Wenzhou people, high school culture. Lin stands in the defendant’s seat, wearing a pair of black frame glasses, handsome face, answer questions clear thinking. Lin said, "without doing credit" P2P net loan platform for years before chemical wholesale, know a lot of people doing business as well as the bank’s people gradually found "businessmen" sometimes liquidity difficulties, unable to repay bank debt in a timely manner, he brokered "underwritten loan" business in the middle, can make money. In 2014, Lin Chen and others from borrowing in the "underwritten loan" business, and millions of dollars in arrears. Prior to this, Lin has the name of the property to Chinese mortgage bank, the name of the wife of the real estate in March 20, 2015, to the Jinhua bank mortgage loan of 2 million 580 thousand yuan. In addition to "underwritten loan" business, Lin is also engaged in the loan business. He said Ding, Xu (handled separately), Zhang (handled separately), to the Bank of Jinhua, Zhejiang Chouzhou bank loans, and let Zhang a false certificate, which Zhang received 200 thousand yuan loan to Lin, and agreed to loan by Lin return. Involved in net loan high profit prospects good Lin doing "underwritten loan" business, access to the "P2P" network borrowing theory

温州顺顺贷总经理涉集资诈骗 平台成个人资金池   温州“顺顺贷”总经理涉嫌集资诈骗案开庭   涉案P2P平台成个人“资金池”   近年来,P2P网络贷款深陷“非法”漩涡。随着P2P借贷网站数量和贷款规模迅速飙升,兑付危机、倒闭、卷款跑路现象也频频出现,有的平台甚至涉嫌非法吸收公众存款。为此,中国人民银行等十部门发布了《关于促进互联网金融健康发展的指导意见》,对P2P网络借贷、互联网支付、股权众筹等业务范围进行界定,并明确了各领域监管部门职能职责。与此同时,监管部门也对P2P网贷涉嫌非法吸存进行严厉打击。如2015年12月初,因e租宝及关联公司涉嫌非法集资,e租宝实际控制人、钰诚集团董事长丁宁被警方控制。   《法制日报》案件版今日选取的三起案例,亦是监管部门打击P2P网贷违法行为的典型案例。   □ 本报记者  王春   □ 本报通讯员 鹿轩   浙江省温州市“顺顺贷”推出P2P网络借贷服务平台,对外界宣称管理团队具有多年的金融借贷领域经验、完善的风险控制体系,并有第三方资金监管,投资者以“利息+奖励”模式收益。然而,运营仅3个多月,其经营者便主动向公安机关投案,175名投资者合计339.9万余元款项未收回,这是为何?   今天上午,温州市鹿城区人民法院开庭审理原温州顺顺贷民间融资信息服务有限公司总经理林某涉嫌集资诈骗一案。   化工行业“转行”金融行业   今年39岁的林某是浙江温州人,高中文化。   站在被告人席的林某戴着一副黑框眼镜,面容清秀,回答问题思路清晰。   林某说,在做“顺顺贷”P2P网贷平台之前做了多年化工批发,认识不少做生意的人还有银行的人,逐渐发现“生意人”有时会资金周转困难,无法及时归还银行欠款,他在中间撮合做“垫资还贷”的生意,可以赚钱。   2014年,林某从陈某等人处借款从事“垫资还贷”生意,并欠款数百万元。在此之前,林某名下的房产已经向中国银行抵押贷款,其妻子名下的房产也在2015年3月20日,向金华银行抵押贷款人民币258万元。   除了做“垫资还贷”的生意,林某还从事介绍贷款业务。他介绍丁某、许某(另案处理)、张某(另案处理)等人至金华银行、浙江稠州银行贷款,并让张某某伪造相关证件,其中张某获得贷款20万元给林某使用,并约定贷款由林某归还。   涉足网贷利润高前景好   林某在做“垫资还贷”的生意时候,接触到了“P2P”网络借贷服务平台这种“互联网+金融”的新生事物。   “我听人说做这个利润高,发展前景好。”林某说,虽然自己对P2P网贷行业不太熟悉,之前也毫无相关经验,但大概了解相关规定。在看到别的P2P网贷平台的盈利模式后,他对这个“互联网+金融”模式很看好,跃跃欲试。   当时林某的资金因为“垫资还贷”被客户占用,名下房产也抵押了,他便把获取利润的希望都寄托在了“顺顺贷”上。   2014年12月3日,林某注册成立温州顺顺贷民间融资信息服务有限公司,找来张某当公司法定代表人,自己实际对公司负责。公司注册资本1000万元仅是认缴金额,未实际缴纳。   林某找人模仿其他P2P平台,制作推出了网络服务平台“顺顺贷”,宣传“顺顺贷”是由上述公司运营打造的个人借款与出借提供服务的网络服务平台,为有资金需要的借款人和有理财需求的投资人搭建的中介平台。   “顺顺贷”在2015年1月4日正式运营,以年利率18%、20.4%及奖励金(首充奖、续投奖、推荐奖等)吸引投资客户。   “这些营销模式都是模仿别的平台做的。”林某在法庭上说。   据公诉机关指控,至2014年4月20日止,该平台发布81个信用标(包括压岁钱红包天标、奖励标、新手特权标、VIP专享标等),用于提升网站人气和自融资金。   亲朋注册内部账号充人气   “顺顺贷”P2P网贷平台还推出了74个抵押标(房标、车标、金标等),大部分抵押借款人均不是真实的以“顺顺贷”为中介平台借款的人,而是顺顺贷员工、亲友、欠林某钱款的债务人。   让这些人注册内部账号去发布信息、投标,是为了提升公司业务量、充人气。   公诉机关指控,至2015年4月20日止,“顺顺贷”平台共计注册会员649人,其中真实投资人为272人,虚拟投标注册会员377人,该377人均是顺顺贷公司内部进行注册,用于投标提升人气。   272名真实投资人以线上充值(丰付、宝付、支付宝)或线下充值(直接转入顺顺贷银行账户)的方式,共计投资人民币575.4万余元。   平台运营两个月资金吃紧   272名真实投资者投入的575.4万余元到了“顺顺贷”公司账户后,由“顺顺贷”公司人员转入林某私人账户,林某将这些钱用于归还个人欠款和“顺顺贷”公司运营成本。   “我没有想到运营这个平台成本这么高。”林某在法庭上称,P2P网贷平台需要的营销、广告费用庞大,他之前估算太理想化,为了扩大业务量与影响力,只有不断加大投入用于营销广告、支付员工工资、投资者收益。   “3月下旬资金开始紧张。”林某说,因为网贷平台上的有些“标”到期了,客户集中提款,给他造成很大资金压力。一方面自己从事“垫资还贷”借给别人的钱尚未回笼,另一方面他还要支付投资者利息、奖励及公司营运成本。   “这种恶性循环已经无法收场。”林某说,“顺顺贷”P2P网贷平台到底赚了多少钱,自己也不是很清楚,因为这个行业太新,专业的财务人员招聘不到,公司找的财务做不了账,个人账户和公司账户混同。   思前想后,2015年4月20日,林某向公安机关主动投案。   “我投案时,这个平台运营还是正常的。”林某说。   据公诉机关指控,至2015年4月20日,有97名真实投资人已结清投资款,仍有175人共计人民币339.9万余元欠款未收回。   员工证言揭开真实面目   法庭上,公诉机关出示了“顺顺贷”公司的14名员工的证言。他们均证实,“顺顺贷”的实际老板是林某。风险管理人员仅有1人,其按照林某的指使将借贷信息上传“顺顺贷”平台而不负责审核内容,并非对外宣传的“完善的风险控制体系”,而且这个平台没有第三方资金监管。   “我对指控的事实没有异议,但是对于罪名希望法院按照法律规定判决。”法庭上,林某对公诉机关指控其涉嫌构成“集资诈骗罪”的罪名有异议,其当庭表示,欠175名投资者的339.9万元自己还是有能力偿还的,如果之前的债权都可以如数收回,即便无法收回,他以后还可以继续干老本行,做化工批发生意,把钱还了。   截至发稿,庭审尚在进行中。鹿城区法院将另定时间继续开庭审理此案。   本报温州(浙江)2月23日电     制图 高岳   进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

E rent treasure a year and a half about 50000000000 95% of absorbing capital project is false (video 江南大学北美学院

"E rent treasure" a year and a half of 95% of the project is absorbing capital about 50000000000 fake net loan reporting: e rent treasure of illegal deposit (original title: "e rent treasure" a year and a half of absorbing capital about 50000000000) within a year and a half of illegal absorption of funds about 50000000000 yuan, the victim investors all over the country 31 provinces. In January 14th, 21 people involved in the "e rent treasure" platform were arrested by the Beijing procuratorial organs. Among them, "e rent treasure platform actual controller, Yucheng group board of directors chairman of the Executive Board of Ding Ning, suspected fraud, illegal deposits from the public, the crime of illegal possession of firearms and other crimes. How about the truth of the Internet platform that used to be popular throughout the country? Reporters before the date of approval by the relevant departments, the police, the main suspects and victims of enterprises conducted in-depth interviews, to restore the Yucheng group and its affiliates (hereinafter referred to as "Yucheng") with "crime trajectory e rent treasure of illegal fund-raising. The case informed thousand volumes of evidence buried underground "outside e rent treasure" is "Yucheng" under the Jin Yi Rong (Beijing) Network Technology Co. Ltd. operation platform. In February 2014, Yu Cheng group acquired the company and transformed its operating network platform. In July of the same year, Yu Cheng group upgraded the platform named "e rental treasure", under the banner of "network finance" on line operation. Police investigators, at the end of 2015, many public security departments and financial regulatory authorities found that "e rent treasure" business anomalies. Survey found that the public security organs, to December 5, 2015, "Yucheng" discretionary liquidity remained tense, capital chain always face the risk of fracture; at the same time, Yucheng group has begun to transfer funds, destruction of evidence, several executives have fled signs. In order to avoid further losses, investors in December 8, 2015, the Ministry of public security command of the public security organs unified action to implement the arrest of chief executive Ding Ning "Yucheng". Police handling the case said that the case is complex, the investigation is extremely difficult. "Branch Yucheng" throughout the country, involving a number of investors, and the company’s financial management, management of large volume of data, only relevant data storage company inventory server has more than 200 taiwan. In order to destroy the evidence, the suspect will be more than 1200 copies of evidence materials into more than 80 bags, buried in Anhui Province on the outskirts of Hefei, somewhere in the 6 meters deep underground, the ad hoc group to use two excavators, lasted more than 20 hours to be dug up. 900 thousand investors were smoking about 50000000000 police initially identified the "top Yucheng" is registered overseas Yucheng International Holdings Limited, Beijing, Shanghai, Bengbu and other eight operations center under the banner, and under the financing project, "e rent treasure online sales," e rent treasure line sales etc. the eight business segments, including the majority of the plate around the "e rent treasure operation set. Police investigators said, "from July 2014 to December 2015 e rent treasure on the line was closed," Yucheng "related criminal suspects with high interest as bait, fictional leasing project, adopted by the new old, self guarantee etc. a large number of illegal suction.

“e租宝”一年半吸资500多亿 95%的项目是假的 网贷速报:e租宝非法吸存   (原标题:“e租宝”一年半吸资500多亿)  一年半内非法吸收资金500多亿元,受害投资人遍布全国31个省市区。1月14日,备受关注的“e租宝”平台的21名涉案人员被北京检察机关批准逮捕。其中,“e租宝”平台实际控制人、钰诚集团董事会执行局主席丁宁,涉嫌集资诈骗、非法吸收公众存款、非法持有枪支罪及其他犯罪。  这个曾风靡全国的网络平台真相究竟如何?记者日前经有关部门批准,对办案民警、主要犯罪嫌疑人和受害企业进行了深入采访,还原了钰诚集团及其关联公司(以下简称“钰诚系”)利用“e租宝”非法集资的犯罪轨迹。  案件通报  千余册证据埋藏郊外地下  “e租宝”是“钰诚系”下属的金易融(北京)网络科技有限公司运营的网络平台。2014年2月,钰诚集团收购了这家公司,并对其运营的网络平台进行改造。同年7月,钰诚集团将改造后的平台命名为“e租宝”,打着“网络金融”的旗号上线运营。  办案民警介绍,2015年底,多地公安部门和金融监管部门发现“e租宝”经营存在异常。  公安机关调查发现,至2015年12月5日,“钰诚系”可支配流动资金持续紧张,资金链随时面临断裂危险;同时,钰诚集团已开始转移资金、销毁证据,数名高管有潜逃迹象。为避免投资人蒙受更大损失,2015年12月8日,公安部指挥各地公安机关统一行动,对丁宁等“钰诚系”主要高管实施抓捕。  办案民警表示,此案案情复杂,侦查难度极大。“钰诚系”的分支机构遍布全国,涉及投资人众多,且公司财务管理混乱,经营交易数据量庞大,仅需要清查的存储公司相关数据的服务器就有200余台。为了毁灭证据,犯罪嫌疑人将1200余册证据材料装入80余个编织袋,埋藏在安徽省合肥市郊外某处6米深的地下,专案组动用两台挖掘机,历时20余个小时才将其挖出。  90万投资者被吸500多亿  警方初步查明,“钰诚系”的顶端是在境外注册的钰诚国际控股集团有限公司,旗下有北京、上海、蚌埠等八大运营中心,并下设融资项目、“e租宝”线上销售、“e租宝”线下销售等八大业务板块,其中大部分板块都围绕着“e租宝”的运行而设置。  办案民警表示,从2014年7月“e租宝”上线至2015年12月被查封,“钰诚系”相关犯罪嫌疑人以高额利息为诱饵,虚构融资租赁项目,持续采用借新还旧、自我担保等方式大量非法吸收公众资金,累计交易发生额达700多亿元。警方初步查明,“e租宝”实际吸收资金500余亿元,涉及投资人约90万名。  有关部门正在追赃挽损  办案民警介绍,由于“钰诚系”的资金交易庞杂,财务管理混乱,其资金流向还在调查之中。目前,公安机关正在与银监会、人民银行等部门通力配合,加快工作进度,全力以赴进行调查取证、追赃、甄别涉案资产等工作,最大限度地挽回投资人的损失。为了便于投资人报案、完善案件处置相关信息,公安机关已经搭建起投资人信息登记平台,并将于近期挂接在公安部官方网站上启用。  有关部门表示,投资人应及时、主动报案、登记信息、提供证明材料,避免因不及时、不如实报案、登记而损害自身合法利益;同时,请投资人依法维权,不信谣、不传谣、不受蛊惑,不组织、参与各类非法活动。涉嫌犯罪的人员,应当积极配合调查、退缴违法所得,争取从宽处理。  揭秘骗局  “e租宝”95%的项目是假的  在看守所,昔日的钰诚国际控股集团总裁张敏说,对于“e租宝”占用投资人的资金的事,公司高管都很清楚。  “e租宝”对外宣称,其经营模式是由集团下属的融资租赁公司与项目公司签订协议,然后在“e租宝”平台上以债权转让的形式发标融资;融到资金后,项目公司向租赁公司支付租金,租赁公司则向投资人支付收益和本金。  办案民警介绍,“e租宝”从一开始就是一场“空手套白狼”的骗局,其所谓的融资租赁项目根本名不副实。  “我们虚构融资项目,把钱转给承租人,并给承租人好处费,再把资金转入我们公司的关联公司,以达到事实挪用的目的。”丁宁说,他们前后为此花了8亿多元向项目公司和中间人买资料。  “据我所知, e租宝 上95%的项目都是假的。”安徽钰诚融资租赁有限公司风险控制部总监雍磊称,丁宁指使专人,用融资金额的1.5%-2%向企业买来信息,他所在的部门就负责把这些企业信息填入准备好的合同里,制成虚假的项目在“e租宝”平台上线。为了让投资人增强投资信心,他们还采用了更改企业注册金等方式包装项目。  办案民警介绍,在目前警方已查证的207家承租公司中,只有1家与钰诚租赁发生了真实的业务。  高收益承诺诱使投资者入套  许多投资人表示,他们就是听信了“e租宝”保本保息、灵活支取的承诺才上当受骗的。记者了解到,“e租宝”共推出过6款产品,预期年化收益率在9%至14.6%之间,远高于一般银行理财产品的收益率。  投资人张先生表示,“e租宝”的推销人员鼓动他说,“e租宝”产品保本保息,哪怕投资的公司失败了,钱还是照样有。  投资人徐先生给记者算了一笔账:“我拿10万块钱比较的话,在银行放一年才赚2000多块钱;放在 e租宝 那边的话,它承诺的利率是14.6%,放一年就能赚14000多块钱。”  投资人席女士则称,自己是被“e租宝”可以灵活支取的特点吸引了:“一般的理财产品不能提前支取,但 e租宝 提前10天也可以拿出来。”  中国政法大学民商经济法学院教授李爱君表示,“e租宝”抓住了部分老百姓对金融知识了解不多的弱点,用虚假的承诺编织了一个“陷阱”。为了加快扩张速度,钰诚集团还在各地设立了大量分公司和代销公司,直接面对老百姓“贴身推销”。其地推人员除了推荐“e租宝”的产品外,甚至还会“热心”地为他们提供开通网银、注册平台等服务。正是在这种强大攻势下,“e租宝”仅用一年半时间,就吸引来90多万实际投资人。  非法吸取的巨额资金被自用  据警方调查,“钰诚系”除了将一部分吸取的资金用于还本付息外,相当一部分被用于个人挥霍、维持公司的巨额运行成本、投资不良债权以及广告炒作。  据多个犯罪嫌疑人供述,丁宁与数名集团女高管关系密切,其私生活极其奢侈,大肆挥霍吸来的资金。警方初步查明,丁宁赠与他人的现金、房产、车辆、奢侈品的价值达10余亿元。仅对张敏一人,丁宁除了向其赠送价值1.3亿的新加坡别墅、价值1200万的粉钻戒指、豪华轿车、名表等礼物,还先后“奖励”她5.5亿元人民币。  “钰诚系”的一大开支还来自高昂的员工薪金。以丁宁的弟弟丁甸为例,他原本月薪1.8万元,但调任北京后,月薪就飞涨到100万元。据张敏交代,整个集团拿着百万级年薪的高管多达80人左右,仅2015年11月,钰诚集团需发给员工的工资就有8亿元。  多位公司高管称,为了给公众留下“财大气粗”的印象,丁宁要求办公室几十个秘书全身穿戴奢侈品牌的制服和首饰“展示公司形象”,甚至一次就把一个奢侈品店全部买空。  不仅如此,2014年以来,“钰诚系”先后花费上亿元大量投放广告进行“病毒式营销”,还将张敏包装成“互联网金融第一美女总裁”,作为企业形象代言人公开出席各种活动。  专家说法  “e租宝”涉嫌非法集资  根据“e租宝”案件中已经查明的种种犯罪事实,司法机关认为,犯罪嫌疑人的这些行为已经涉嫌非法吸收公众存款和集资诈骗。  中央财经大学法学院教授郭华介绍,非法吸收公众存款罪有4个构成要件:第一是未经有关部门批准或者假借合法的经营形式来吸存,第二是以媒介、短信、推荐会等形式公开吸存,第三是通过私募、股权等其他的手段来承诺还本付息或者回报,第四是向社会公众即不特定的人吸存。在本案中,犯罪嫌疑人利用网络平台公开向全国吸存,还对外承诺还本付息,其行为已经涉嫌非法吸收公众存款罪。  “对于已经构成非法吸收公众存款罪的,如果还存在挥霍性投资或者消耗性支出导致财产不能偿还的情形,就构成了集资诈骗罪。”他认为,“e租宝”案的犯罪嫌疑人投资高档车辆和住宅、向员工支付高工资等挥霍行为,体现了他们主观上非法占有投资者资金的目的,这是导致吸收来的资金不能偿还的重要原因之一,也是他们涉嫌集资诈骗罪的主要原因之一。更多精彩内容欢迎搜索关注微信公众号:腾讯财经(financeapp)。相关的主题文章:

Luxury atmosphere, Spring Festival gift flagship mobile phone big recommendation 二愣子漂流记

The annual Spring Festival is coming soon, and many friends have already begun to prepare for it. Chinese people pay attention to visiting relatives and friends and giving gifts to the new year in this festival. Sina mobile phone will introduce several suitable as a flagship mobile phone products, New Year gift, they are popular models nowadays, let you have all the gifts. Apple iPhone 6S (parameter quote forum software) is so expected, apple officially launched the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus at the conference, new rose gold color, plus the previous silver, gold and ash four colors. Click the picture to see the details of iPhone 6S as one of the biggest upgrades, iPhone 6S joined the touch technology called 3D Touch, Apple has become a new generation of multi touch technology. In fact, the previous Apple Watch on the Force Touch, the screen can sense different touch force touch. Click on the picture to see the details of iPhone 6S, the main camera of iPhone 6S is finally upgraded to 12 million pixels, support 4K video shooting and editing. And also the front camera raised to 5 million pixels, self timer can use screen fill. Price, iPhone 6S and 6S Plus as the previous generation product price and market price. Apple iPhone 6S reference price: 4888 yuan HUAWEI Mate 8 full Netcom (parameter quote forum software) HUAWEI Mate 8 machine in the continuation of the previous generation of large screen and long life advantages. At the same time, kylin 950 equipped with the latest eight core processor, performance significantly, the high-end market positioning. Click the picture to see the full details of the HUAWEI Mate 8 Netcom HUAWEI Mate 8 still continue to use the integrated metal fuselage aviation aluminum material, the front is equipped with a 6 inches 1080P screen, using the popular 2.5D glass, touch and visual perception has been significantly improved, equipped with Android 6 based on EMUI 4 development, more smooth power, with HUAWEI independent research and development of kylin 950 eight core processor, with 3GB 32GB, 4GB 64GB and 4GB 128GB of several combinations of memory allocation, increase range, rear 16 million pixels, 8 million pixel front camera. Support double card blind plug full Netcom, you can achieve global roaming use. Standard 4000mAh large capacity lithium battery, with fast charging technology, endurance experience is very good. Click the picture to see the details of the HUAWEI Mate 8 CNC HUAWEI Mate 8 Mocha gold, champagne gold, silver moonlight and sky gray four-color optional, rear support fingerprint recognition sensor, fingerprint reader 360, can achieve 0.5 seconds a touch unlock, in addition, the file security cabinet, fingerprint payment application, multi user mode, lock stop the alarm clock, camera, fingerprint fingerprint phone (Long Yuan

奢华大气有范儿 春节送礼旗舰手机大推荐   一年一度的新春佳节即将来临,相信不少朋友已经开始筹备起来了。而中国人讲究在这个节日中走亲访友送上新年的礼物。新浪手机就为大家介绍几款适合作为新春礼物的旗舰级手机产品,它们都是时下的热门机型,让你送礼送的有面儿。   苹果iPhone 6s(参数 报价 论坛 软件)   正如此前预料,苹果在发布会上正式推出了iPhone 6s和6s Plus,新增玫瑰金配色,加上此前的银、金和灰共四种配色。 点击图片查看iPhone 6s详细资料   作为最大升级之一,iPhone 6s加入了名为3D Touch的触控技术,被苹果成为新一代多点触控技术。其实,就是此前在Apple Watch上采用的Force Touch,屏幕可感应不同的感压力度触控。 点击图片查看iPhone 6s详细资料   iPhone 6s的主摄像头终于升级到1200万像素,支持4K视频拍摄和编辑。并且前置摄像头也提升至500万像素,在自拍时可以用屏幕补光。售价方面,iPhone 6s和6s Plus售价与上代产品上市价一样。   苹果iPhone 6s   参考价格:4888元   华为Mate 8 全网通(参数 报价 论坛 软件)   华为Mate 8该机在延续前代大屏幕和长续航优点的同时,搭载最新的麒麟950八核处理器,性能提升明显,定位高端市场。 点击图片查看华为Mate 8 全网通详细资料   华为Mate 8仍然延用了航空铝材质的一体化金属机身,正面配备了一块6英寸1080P屏幕,采用了时下流行的2.5D玻璃,手感和视觉观感都有了明显的提升,搭载基 于Android 6.0开发的EMUI 4.0,更加流畅省电,采用华为自主研发的麒麟950八核处理器,配置上具备3GB 32GB、4GB 64GB和4GB 128GB几种内存组合,增加了可选范围,后置1600万像素、前置800万像素镜头。支持双卡盲插全网通,可以实现全球漫游使用。标配4000mAh大 容量锂电池,搭配快速充电技术,续航体验非常棒。 点击图片查看华为Mate 8 全网通详细资料   华为Mate 8有摩卡金、香槟金、月光银以及苍穹灰四色可选,后置指纹识别传感器,支持360度指纹读取,可实现0.5秒一触解锁,此外还支持指纹支付、文件保密柜、应用锁、多用户模式、停止闹钟、指纹拍照、指纹接听电话(长按)等功能。   华为Mate 8 全网通   参考价格:3199元   三星A9000(参数 报价 论坛 软件)   在经历数月的持续曝光之后,三星Galaxy A9000正式在三星官网亮相,6英寸的触控屏、4000mAh的电池以及首发骁龙652处理器,都为三星Galaxy A9000增添了不少亮丽的色彩。 点击图片查看三星A9000详细资料   在外观上,三星Galaxy A9(2016)采用6英寸全高清Super AMOLED屏,双面2.5D弧形玻璃以及2.74mm超窄边框设计,正背两面采用第四代康宁大猩猩玻璃材质,坚固耐摔。在摄像头上也进行了改良,没有像 三星Galaxy S6那样凸起,机身尺寸为161.7*80.9*7.4(mm),重量接近200克。 点击图片查看三星A9000详细资料   在配置上,三星Galaxy A9(2016)首次搭载1.8GHz主频的骁龙652处理器,拥有3GB RAM和32GB ROM的存储组合,并支持最高128GB的存储卡扩展。并采用后置1300万像素+800万像素的摄像头组合,内置电池4000mAh电池,并配备正面指 纹识别功能,支持全网通。   三星A9000   参考价格:3199元   HTC One A9(参数 报价 论坛 软件)   HTC One A9为全金属机身,但设计风格不同于以往的HTC手机,采用全新的平面设计,背部没有此前One M9那种弧度,而是在边框与机身结合处做了弧线处理。 点击图片查看HTC One A9详细资料   HTC One A9使用了5 英寸1080p Super AMOLED 显示屏以及2.5D玻璃。搭载高通骁龙617八核64位处理器,内置2GB RAM和16GB存储空间,并且支持最高2TB的MicroSD卡扩展。可流畅运行Android 6.0系统,同时内置2150mAh容量不可拆卸电池,支持Quick Charge 2.0快充技术。 点击图片查看HTC One A9详细资料   HTC One A9在机身背部还设有一枚带有BSI CMOS的1300万像素后置镜头,包含LED补光灯,辅以F2.0大光圈,对应400万像素前置镜头。前置的是Ultrapixel镜头,支持BSI背照式传感器和增加光学防抖功能。   HTC One A9   参考价格:2799元相关的主题文章:

January financial data exceeded expectations, sustainability doubts 校园风流学生

The January financial data sharply than expected the sustainability of doubt the new RMB loans and new financial cooperatives were the highest single month record in January financial data significantly better than expected financial data the sustainability of doubt 2016-02-17 / reporter Zhang Mo Beijing reported the latest market overall than previous expectations. 16 the central bank data show that in 2016 January the scale of social financing increment is 3 trillion and 420 billion yuan, RMB 2 trillion and 510 billion yuan of new loans in January, two were the highest single month record. It is worth noting that, in the social financing scale increment, the enterprise bond net financing 454 billion 700 million yuan, also creates the single month history record. Meanwhile, at the end of 1, M2 rose 14% year on year, and the growth rate hit a new high of a year and a half. China Merchants Securities fixed income team pointed out that all types of RMB loans have increased substantially. Classification point of view, compared to residents of the loan, business loan growth, which reflects the real estate consumer demand is still good at the same time, bank loans to enterprises increased significantly. Among them, the enterprise medium and long-term loans increased 1 trillion and 60 billion yuan, a record high. Lianxun Securities Research Director Fu Lichun told the economic reference news "interview with reporters, the new RMB loans scale chain greatly increased 1 trillion and 300 billion yuan, reflecting the seasonal factors: at the end of the loan amount used, loans cautious; early release of new loans pressure. In addition, non-financial enterprises and government loans increased by 1 trillion and 940 billion yuan, an increase of 900 billion yuan, reflecting a significant expansion of government investment projects. Minsheng Bank chief researcher Chinese Wen Bin said, in the devaluation of the RMB exchange rate expectations, some enterprises RMB loans increased to $replacement loans, which can be seen from the foreign exchange loans for 6 consecutive months of negative growth. Many insiders show a cautious and optimistic attitude towards the sustainability of the data. Will credit growth continue? The key is to see whether the demand for real economy and the intensity of the government’s stimulus to the economy can continue, otherwise the financial data may shrink substantially." China Merchants Bank Asset Management Senior Analyst Liu Dongliang said. Some insiders also believe that the upturn in financial data does not necessarily mean a real upturn. Everbright Securities chief economist Xu Gao said that although the January data show that the credit agency financial accelerated delivery, real economy capital will continue to loose, but can be transformed into investment demand is still uncertain. Since last year, loose policy has been significantly overweight, the real economy continues to loose the face of funds, capital shortage is not a factor restricting investment recovery. Continued economic weakness is mainly due to lack of willingness to invest in a wide range of publicity, and to reform the supply side capacity is expected to increase under the background of steady growth policy signal is not clear, easing the effect is weakened, easing the financial side does not necessarily bring investment demand rebounded significantly, the economy continued to face greater uncertainty. The study of international financial Chinese Bank senior researcher Li Peijia said, in the monetary and credit supply under the background of the capital market, lending rates still high, monetary and credit "price deviation" increase the decision-making operation difficulty on monetary policy

1月金融数据大幅超预期 可持续性存疑   新增人民币贷款和新增社融均创单月最高纪录   1月金融数据大幅超预期 可持续性存疑   2016-02-17 □记者 张莫 北京报道   最新公布的金融数据全面超过此前的市场预期。央行16日数据显示,2016年1月份社会融资规模增量为3.42万亿元,1月人民币贷款新增2.51万亿元,二者均创下单月历史纪录。值得注意的是,在社会融资规模增量中,企业债券净融资4547亿元,也创单月历史纪录。与此同时,1月末,广义货币(M2)同比增长14.0%,增速也创一年半以来新高。   招商证券固定收益团队指出,各类型人民币贷款均有大幅增加。分类来看,相比居民贷款,企业贷款同比增幅更大,这反映出地产等消费需求仍佳的同时,银行向企业贷款明显增加。其中,企业中长期贷款新增1.06万亿元,创历史新高。   联讯证券研究总监付立春在接受《经济参考报》记者采访时表示,新增人民币贷款规模环比大增1.3万亿元,体现出了季节性因素:一般年末贷款额度用尽,贷款谨慎;年初新增贷款的压力集中释放。另外,非金融企业及机关团体贷款增加1.94万亿元,同比增加9000亿元,可能反映出的是政府投资类项目大幅扩张。中国民生银行首席研究员温彬表示,在人民币汇率贬值预期下,部分企业增加人民币贷款来置换美元贷款,这可以从外汇贷款余额连续6个月负增长中看出。   不少业内人士对数据向好的可持续性表现出了谨慎乐观的态度。“信贷高增能否持续?关键还是要看实体经济的需求和政府刺激经济的力度能否持续,否则可能出现金融数据的大幅萎缩。”招商银行资产管理部高级分析师刘东亮说。   一些业内人士也认为金融数据的好转未必意味着实体经济的好转。光大证券首席经济学家徐高表示,虽然1月份数据显示信贷社融加速投放,实体经济资金面将持续宽松,但能否转化为投资需求尚存在不确定性。去年年中以来宽松政策显著加码,实体经济资金面持续宽松,资金不足已不是制约投资回升的因素。经济持续疲弱主要由于投资意愿不足,在广泛宣传供给侧改革以及去产能预期增强背景下,稳增长政策信号并不清晰,宽松政策效果被削弱,资金面宽松并不一定带来投资需求显著回升,经济继续面临较大不确定性。   中国银行国际金融研究所高级研究员李佩珈表示,在货币信贷供应相对充足背景下,资金市场拆借利率依然居高不上,货币信贷“量价背离”加大了决策层货币政策操作难度;一方面,信贷增长偏快加大决策层对“去产能、去杠杆”正常节奏被扰乱的担心;另一方面,资金利率高企又需要采取宽松操作以缓解流动性紧张状况。综合而言,近期出台降准政策的可能性有所下降,继续加大公开市场操作力度将是货币政策操作的主要渠道。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: