Central 159 billion 100 million to improve student nutrition in rural students to benefit from 33 mi 400ai.com

The central 159 billion 100 million to improve the nutrition of rural students 33 million 600 thousand students benefit from the JINGWAH Times News (reporter Ren Shan) reporter learned yesterday from the Ministry of education, since the 15 departments of the Ministry of education in 2011 in conjunction with the Ministry of Finance and start the implementation of the rural compulsory education to improve student nutrition plan, the country has 29 provinces 137 thousand schools in the implementation of the plan, students benefit more than 33 million 600 thousand. Director, director of the office of the State Council of Education Steering Committee of Ministry of education, the Education Supervision Bureau He Xiuchao introduced since 2011, the central government allocated 159 billion 100 million yuan, from the start of the poorest and most remote areas, the implementation of nutrition improvement plan, including the implementation of the national pilot, reward local pilot, improve the dining conditions and grants students. Among them, the nutritional food subsidy funds 86 billion 200 million yuan, the family economic difficulties boarding living allowance funds of $42 billion 900 million, canteen construction funds of $30 billion. Local governments also put a lot of, at the end of June this year, the local pilot area only a nutritional and dietary supplement on the expenditure of 23 billion. He Xiuchao said that this year will start the expansion of local pilot work to ensure that the country in 2017 to achieve nutrition improvement program to focus on poverty alleviation and development of key counties. To ensure that all school canteens business permit, government procurement, bidding and implementation of each bulk purchase of raw materials, and resolutely prevent unqualified enterprises to participate in. At the same time, intensify supervision and inspection efforts, so that any unit, any person can not take liberties from the child’s mouth "". The background information of over half of the compulsory education schools to provide nutritious meals in accordance with the current national standard, for rural compulsory education to improve student nutrition plan for students 4 yuan per person per day dietary supplement, boarding students with "a" reached 8-9 yuan per day, basically can solve the problem of poor students eat at school. According to statistics, there are 29 provinces in the implementation of the nutrition improvement plan of the 137 thousand schools, benefiting more than 33 million 600 thousand students. In other words, every day more than 12 of compulsory education schools to provide nutritious meals for students, nearly 14 of students in compulsory education can eat nutritious meals. Among them, the national pilot county 699, benefiting 20 million 970 thousand students, to achieve full coverage of national pilot contiguous poor areas; local pilot county 805, benefiting 12 million 640 thousand students, Yunnan, Guizhou, Tibet, Shaanxi, Gansu and some other provinces to achieve full coverage of the rural compulsory education students in Sichuan, to achieve 67 national treatment all county compulsory education students full coverage. State Department: 12 years of free education for the disabled children and adolescents相关的主题文章: