Changan HOFEN selling 100 thousand owners back home to Beijing Railway Station pppd-175

Changan HOFEN selling 100 thousand owners back home to Beijing Railway Station "my European fashion MPV" Changan Auchan since listing, consumer attention, sales steadily increased, in October 22nd tenth million vehicles off the line in Nanjing factory auchan. To celebrate the 100 thousand car sales of Auchan red crown of the news, November 5th, "Changan HOFEN Hot 100 thousand, thank you –10 million owners back home to Beijing Railway Station in Beijing held a grand Hondar Yanxing Automotive Services Limited Shunyi branch. Auchan owners to attend the activities sign guests walk the red carpet into the active site of more than 200 people attended the event with the owners of Auchan customers "Changan HOFEN selling 100 thousand, thank you –10 million owners back home to Beijing Railway Station officially opened Beijing Yanxing Hondar Group Chairman Zhao Qinglong speech on behalf of the Beijing dealers from the first single to sales of 100 thousand, the owners from the first witness to the sales of 100 thousand, the owners to witness the" Changan speed "has been listed since December 27, 2015, with Changan Auchan" still "and" static "," heart "of the three major selling points and brand new concept in the 7 seat MPV market has attracted much attention for several consecutive months of sales of over 10000, in less than a year’s time has Changan Auchan sales exceeded one hundred thousand. Changan commercial vehicle market in North China Manager Sun Yaoyao speech to thank the owner of the Changan commercial trust auchan! Behind the critically acclaimed marketing, Changan is on the user’s intentions as Changan Auchan, Changan commercial lasted seven seat home MPV 3 years of careful research and development to create the excellent performance, excellent in appearance, high price sought by consumers in the MPV market, is undoubtedly the popular "Red Net", but the more narrow the distance with consumers is Changan Auchan around a series of subversion of the traditional user experience to create. From the "super testers" and "Auchan personally made", "1000 delivery ceremony" to carry out the "squatting marketing" strategy of 100 cars thousands of City Tour event, user centric marketing interactive user experience, depth optimization. Not only let Changan HOFEN walk around the user, but also with them. Rest assured, Changan HOFEN long before been invited to participate in the experience of the owners of "wind tunnel", "NVH", "collision", "stability" and "cold" and a number of performance tests, coupled with the Changan military high quality guarantee, ensure the safety of travel consumers. Changan introduced the first new car home 7 MPV models, the young fashion appearance, highlighting the high-quality interior, excellent performance, reflects Changan Auchan is the most safe and quiet and the most fashionable independent MPV, truly show "Changan Auchan is a good car", Changan also Auchan will be 2016 MPV market competitive models. The activities of the Beijing Railway Station invited 6 super popular network red activities live! Auchan car owners to share experiences, to tell their stories and Auchan’s catwalk shows performing activities to a climax of the event prize links is also arranged in the Grand Prix car wash seven copies will be obtained by the seven owners: "Auchan" driving the longest "license plate numbers add up to the maximum age of the minimum" the maximum age "and" the longest mileage "set of circle of friends like" most ")相关的主题文章: