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Change the party oath: "ever since the founding of the party by oath" – Anhui channel — original title: raised his right fist, face red flag — changes since the founding of the farmers in Jiangxi Yongxin county Party oath he page flower positive for the work of the Red Army in January 1931 to join the party, this is secret, he wrote the oath to join the party oath. The CPC Shanxi Chahar Hebei Central Bureau made the party oath of print. Jinzhou Liaoshen Campaign Memorial preservation party oath. In 1952, Chinese people volunteer soldiers in the oath. The Wenchuan earthquake disaster scene, Henan fire relief commando soldiers "line to join the party". Is an important content of the party oath "Chinese Communist Party", is made of the party members to join the party and the people’s solemn political commitment for the party members is a struggle for life, dedication to the cause of the party’s oath and motto. Remember the oath, pledge, pledge, maintenance practice oath is the Party ‘s basic requirements for each party cadres. In September 1982, the party’s twelve by the "Chinese" provisions of the constitution of the Communist Party of the party oath, which in the history of the party is the first time. Prior to this, our party although not for the oath to join the party in the party constitution expressly, but if the conditions permit, the party’s grassroots organizations in the development of Party members, the general should organize the party oath ceremony, and formed with different characteristics in different historical periods of the party oath. The early founding core words of "sacrifice" never betray the party oath and not from the founding date there, but in the harsh environment of early revolutionary struggle, the Communist Party firmly choose communist ideals and beliefs, firmly choose a choice to go with the party in the clank oath. In 1926, Mao Zedong hosted the sixth session of the Guangzhou Peasant Movement Institute, Wang Shoudao’s oath: "obey discipline, sacrifice; striving for revolution, class struggle; strictly confidential, never betray." In the museum is a collection of Chinese revolution full blood and fire baptism "party membership book", this is the only party of Jinggangshan period preservation. It is in the middle of the vertical line arrangement with five words: personal sacrifice, secrecy, class struggle, striving for revolution, obey the party flag, never betray. This is the card owner in January 25, 1931 joined the Communist Party’s Secret Chinese oath to join the party. Fujian Changting museum also retains a party oath, its content is: "first, abide by the party constitution and Party discipline; two, absolutely loyal to the party work never betray; three, the Conservative Party’s secret; four, obey all resolutions of the party; five, often participate in branch life and activities; six, pay on time membership dues. As contrary to the above will be the party’s strict disciplinary sanctions." Because the revolution environment and mission, during this period the party oath theme, focused, short, concise and comprehensive, reflected the party’s dangerous and complicated revolutionary struggle environment, stressed the need to strictly observe Party secret, subordinate to the party organization and discipline. Among them, the "sacrifice" and "never betray" is the core of this period the party oath. During the war of resistance against Japan, he stressed the need to be a model for the masses and to the party相关的主题文章: