Changsha a couple posing as female students cheated 7500 yuan Singapore (video) 3u8895

Changsha a couple posing as female students cheated Singaporeans 7500 yuan (original title: routine deep, play too much, "international friends" cheated 7500 female students) recently, East Lake Public Security Bureau police station Changsha Furong caught two by others kindness fraud of men and women, they take charge of Singaporeans echoed each other, even cheated a university freshman female students Xiaoliao cash 7500 yuan. "Who would have thought, well-dressed, conversation and generous man turned out to be a liar!" Xiaoliao said, an age of about 25 years old, well-dressed man appeared in a Changsha university campus, at that time the man claiming to be Chinese to make market investigation, tourism, visiting the museum after the exchange Longping rice ran out of cash. "He looked so worried and pathetic that he wanted to borrow my cell phone and bank card to call his family and send money." Xiaoliao sees no more, his mobile phone and bank cards to the man. The man said with a telephone and the other party has said and girlfriend contact, has put the card to her, the money will be remitted. "He received a text message, and he said he would take the cash." After about 5 minutes, Xiao Liao’s cell phone received a message sent abroad, the information content, said: Ms Liao hello! Li Na at 20:10 on August 21, 2016 to the end of your account number 9576 Agricultural Bank of China remittance of RMB $10000 (HSBC) because of the international remittance business has not yet opened, will be credited to the account within 24 hours. See Xiaoliao received information, the man immediately opening said thanks, claiming that only need to transfer 10 thousand yuan to 7500 yuan is enough, the remaining 2500 yuan for Xiaoliao, because the night will see a major customer, hope Xiaoliao now take out money to him. Small Liao see the other party has been sent over, but there is such a heavy thanks, from the nearby bank to withdraw 7500 yuan. The more I think the more wrong, call the bank customer service only to find themselves cheated, then reported to the police." East Lake police station after receiving the alarm, immediately organized the police investigation, the suspect found a pair of young men and women gang crime, they use the characteristics of college students inexperienced and helpful, since the Changsha investment investigation, visit friends, travel, negotiation, but take cash out or wallet, mobile phone stolen, the victim money and mobile phone and other items. Police investigation found that the men and women in August 2015, in the same way of fraud, in the same university crime 3. According to the above clues, police tracked through the line, which lasted for 20 days, on September 13th in a hotel Changsha the suspect Kwak and arrested zhang. At present, the suspect Kwak, Zhang has been under criminal detention according to law. (Changsha police) video recommendation: men speak Korean posing as female students cheated the sun descended from camera相关的主题文章: