Changzhou a rural Wuxi license truck frequently steal trash intensified (video)

Changzhou a rural Wuxi license truck frequently steal trash often newspaper all media news intensified before our village environment is good, but has recently changed, life rubbish and industrial garbage everywhere, night and set on fire, stinking." Recently, Tianning District Zheng Lu Zhen Shi Yan Cun village said in a local forum post, the village frequently encountered someone stole trash. Reporters rushed to the village of stone weir, learned that the last six months, the situation in the village to steal garbage intensified, they also caught two people who steal. Next, the village will strengthen the inspection of the dumping site. In the village to steal back the stone weir site, Changzhou evening news reporter found that in more than 100 meters of the road side, filled with all kinds of industrial waste and waste plastic, which is also mixed with garbage and construction waste. Reporters also saw that there was a garbage heap was burned, braving the smoke. A local villager told reporters that the last two years the village began to move southeast corner, forming an open space. "Our village is at the junction of Wuxi and Changzhou, and some of the trucks in Wuxi are going to pour all kinds of garbage into our village. We can’t go out for a walk at night. The environment is getting worse." Stone weir village committee director said that in the past six months, the situation is very serious in the village to steal garbage, the village once a clean-up, but immediately someone to pour. Some industrial waste, the village did not dare to burn treatment. There are two times during the day, it was driving agricultural trucks to dump garbage, we have to seize, transferred to Zheng Lu police station. In the evening, we made a difficult, because the village guard is inadequate, is impossible to guard against." Ding director said, will strengthen the village and town, police contact, focusing on the site to steal back to strengthen inspections. For the night to steal the behavior, will also be on patrol. (Wang Leiwen photo) to expand the video: independent of the original text of rural waste management needs to be adapted to local conditions相关的主题文章: