Cheat 14 year old daughter for her boyfriend raped, mother – mother in the side of the Sohu play mob e3300

Cheat 14 year old daughter for her boyfriend raped, mother in the side to play mobile phone Sohu Shenyang evening a second new baby girl was raped mother’s boyfriend of three years, in the body and mind tortured on the occasion, the less than 14 year old girl chose to forbear…… (map) boyfriend raped daughter mother watched silent "daughter, mother like you! Come to my house in the evening, my mother will cook delicious food for you." One day in September 2012, just the second Shenyang girl Wang Xiaoli (a pseudonym) received a telephone his mother, she was very happy, because her parents divorced, she has been living with his father, because the mother also found a boyfriend, and her mother was not often met. But Wang Xiaoli did not expect, this time to go to the mother’s home, was actually the beginning of a nightmare. Wang Xiaoli’s mother Du Mou was 35 years old, living with 39 year old boyfriend Hwang in Shenyang City Yuhong District a cottage rental. Wang Xiaoli recalled: "my mother gave me a bottle of water that night, I drank some of the difficulties, they sleep……" Turn off the lights to sleep, mother’s boyfriend Huang changed countenance, he suddenly rushed to Wang Xiaoli, raped her. Wang Xiaoli woke up, she cries in fear mother Du Mou for help, "but my mother open eyes I was speechless, after Hwang raped me, she took me to wash……" On the second day, her mother to buy Wang Xiaoli contraceptives, advised her to eat. Wang Xiaoli was still suffering from the shock, Dumou again went out and found a car and took her back to her father’s house. My father is going to cut his daughter lying "didn’t see Wang Xiaoli’s father clearly remember, it was 2012 September day in the morning, he was still in bed, Wang Xiaoli suddenly from her mother’s back. As soon as he entered the room, Wang Xiaoli cried and said to him, "Dad, I came back from my mother, and he touched me." My father heard that her daughter was being bullied, instant rage, "I’ll take the knife to cut huang." Wang Xiaoli rushed out of fear, because fear and father Huang fight, she immediately stopped the father, and with his father lying: "Dad, he actually didn’t see me." "He really didn’t see you?" Wang Xiaoli said no, wronged hold back the tears. Father and daughter if he seriously remind half believe and half doubt, her daughter: "don’t fuck you that!" About a week later, the mother Du contact Wang Xiaoli: daughter, mom miss you. Today, I pick you up to me, you rest assured that Huang is not at home." Then, Wang Xiaoli went to the mother’s home, this time she is not to mother, but want to face to face with her mother asked: "why can you look at me to be bullied? I want to call the police!" My mother took her nude advised his daughter endure to hear her daughter to the police, mother Du Mouxian is startled, then took out his mobile phone to Wang Xiaoli, "this is Huang you shoot nude, you don’t mess with him, what he can do come out." Wang Xiaoli see, she does have a mobile phone and a yellow lying naked, the picture also photographed her face. Wang Xiaoli see photos and anger and anger, at this time, the mother of her boyfriend Huang came back, her night -相关的主题文章: