Chen Jianbin premiere Spy Drama to become a good father – Beijing splitit

Chen Jianbin premiere Spy Drama to become a good father – Beijing, many viewers still immersed in Chen Jianbin "Chinese type relationship" middle-aged uncle and image, will soon be in spy drama will switch another image, really uncomfortable. Directed by Li, Chen Jianbin, Faye Yu, starring the father’s identity, will soon be landing in September 21st, Nanjing film and television channel legendary theater. In the face of the two image, the audience can switch freely, but apparently Chen Jianbin had prepared for the premiere of the Spy Drama has achieved high ratings in cctv. The reporter learned that the interview, the success of two hot drama can not be separated from the patience of the script polished. Role switching first appeared in the Spy Drama audience in the previous impression, most serious and dignified character image shows Chen Jianbin, because "Chinese type relationship" in a corner of Ma Guoliang became "unlucky" emperor tucao". In the face of infidelity and divorce also came back for his ex-wife, Ma Guoliang: "there are two Tucao honeymoon?" Even in the face of many smaller than their own, full of clever girl of 90 Huo Yaoyao, he will not mistake tongue: "you who ah? I washed my face and changed it." Each character’s lines are showing their unique identity, different status, different levels of people’s unique social perspective, which outlines the current Chinese society of all kinds of people love. Both marriage and relationship between men and women, workplace relations, kinship, friendship or interests are involved, it is no wonder that the audience that the "China relation" is "a sense of realistic themes of textbook". However, a sudden change to "father", for Chen Jianbin challenge for the first time appeared in the spy war drama. The reason for the sudden change of the image, Chen Jianbin admitted that his birth is the biggest reason for filming "father" is mainly because the drama from the family point of underground workers has the story, when the father of Chen Jianbin said, every man in his father after their children would be withheld he hoped that through this role, can be better understood as the father of hard, also hope to be respected by the son. After the movie "wind" which is directed by Gao Qunshu gain a complete victory, second times to spy drama, although he on the actor’s requirements are relatively high, hope Chen Jianbin can switch different from identity in the complicated pattern, and wonderful interpretation of Chen Jianbin not only received anenthusiastic recognition, has also been the director. Polish the script writers every day "hit the wall" "father" story in 1948 on the eve of the Huai Hai Campaign as the background, the Kuomintang army has lost, has twice since put them rush into danger "oolong, trying to pull into the U.S. China war. On the basis of the end of the civil war in the intelligence game, the introduction of the United States and the Soviet Union hegemony, the cold war as the background of the international elements. "While holding numerous let industry jealous of IP resources, but this time we chose an original story." After producer Zhang Xiaobo told reporters, "father" is a "failure" adapted forced out of the original, when he took the "underground.相关的主题文章: