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Chen Kun was the first shock spy film idol +   Acting exciting — Jiangsu channel — original title: Why did Chen Kun play Spy Drama "get out" on the evening of 11, Chen Kun released on micro-blog: "don’t nine years to ten." And equipped with a spy film "escape" black-and-white poster stills. Previously, there are a lot of drama starring Chen Kun to publicize the "escape", now is the Chen Kun screen after an absence of 9 years after the return of the first show. Over the years show heavy weight, to pick the play "capricious" famous Chen Kun, from the big screen to return to the small screen, select the original Spy Drama, he admitted that he is drawn to "the writers for a 9 year original screenplay". In addition, now paralysis little meat filled Spy Drama, attracted a lot of controversy, the return of Chen Kun, and the first shock spy film, netizens expressed great expectations. Color values of the Spy Drama harvest controversy if youth, costume, idol and fantasy theme character as non high Yan value young actor, spy drama was once considered to be the exclusive domain of Mesozoic strength, because this type of play role requires careful thought, to show a variety of high IQ in particular the environment, as well as the face of all kinds of people, situations show a variety of complex psychological activities, the acting requirements are particularly high, so at that time, Honglei Sun, Wu Xiubo, Zhang Jiayi, uncle level actor can harvest very high gas. However, since the hit show "the pretender" form a demonstration effect, the spy drama began to go this route idol, a previously considered acting at the end of the plots, has gradually been the new generation idol starring occupy the position, but the angle change is scanty harvest. Before the "decryption", Chen Xuedong has been criticized, many viewers said he had a mathematical genius play a mentally retarded, "often to roll his silly way, how can the naive actor assume the arduous task agent?" But the recent hit "sparrow", Li Yifeng’s double agent was "only posing her sister, always acting the action, rolling his eyes, smile, frown, although there is progress than" Qingyun Zhi "already, but still not convincing". In addition, Dongyu Zhou also because of low IQ, drag and questioned, not only that, her appearance is also accused of not good-looking. "Escape" in Chen Kun not only play a role while Chen Kun is undoubtedly one of the Mesozoic strength of the actors, he since his debut, creating many classic screen image, such as "like a fog like rain and like the wind" in Chen Zikun, "Jinfenshijia" in Jin Yanxi, Chen Kuncheng makes the audience favorite actor. After 2008, Chen Kun moved to the big screen, works include "the knot", "Mask", "Flying Swords of Dragon Gate", "dragon tactic" etc.. But it is worth mentioning that, in recent years, Chen Kun focused on the power of walking in the heart of public projects, variety shows, movies are not high, only two years also starred in two film "dragon tactic" and "hero" at the box office and Hot pot, good reputation, the "Dragon tactic" won the 1 billion 600 million box office success, while the small cost of "hero" in the same year) Hot pot相关的主题文章: