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Chengdu lake surrounding the figure Haoshua delicious walk a route! Sohu – tourism run 600 kilometers of course to play all the way to eat all the way, in order to earn money! Black bean pot with you to enjoy new gameplay! Lugu Lake Qionghai tree tea, Lugu Lake to see the sea: starting at six in the morning of excitement, Jing Kun Expressway to Xichang, go to Lugu Lake in Yunnan S307, suggested that Rigg Town, convenient to see the sunrise. Graem goddess mountain overlooking Lugu Lake, heart-shaped. Sunrise: about six sunrise, from the room outside the window to dawn, warm yellow line, exciting set of clothes to go out, sitting on a rock for light…… Cruise: the warm weather, from Rigby town 10 per boat, can bring the bread feeding waterfowl, ready for the camera pose, the moment of the wings, no ship at this time is your view…… Small town: the sun and warm yellow house, water without waves, but also in the evening cruise, such a sunset and others silhouette is the scenery…… Accommodation: located in the village of colorful in the pavilion, the houses are color, seems to have sat on the balcony to see the lake, too leisurely…… Reference price: 150–500 range: Venice Caohai far view such as landscapes, trees and mountains and water, eyeful golden meadow, on a wooden boat, can stand up, just posed, noon is very suitable for the concept of caohai…… Food: Thank you, hotel, located in the village, taste good. Have a strong push tour pal fish soup, fried bullfrog and corn, especially carp Tonga sauerkraut very delicious! Zouhun: as a traditional marriage Mosuo matriarchal, let this mysterious color. A man wearing national girl, ask a here history, unique taste…… Walk in the sunset: Lake, Lake boat finally filled with waiting for the sunset, peace and mood.according, family lovers to pose a beautiful silhouette is crying…… See the sea: Qionghai wetland than the Lugu Lake quiet, but walk in the path along the cliff, look at the distant mountains and the sky, the clouds in the lake like cotton candy to eat…… Tea: Qiong sea teahouse, tea seems to play mahjong is compulsory here, or you can choose to sit on the couch, drinking a cup of juice, watching the sea, seems to be on the beach vacation…… Xichang: Xichang how to barbecue barbecue less, sitting on the edge of the basin, a whole chunks of meat and eggplant, strung chicken wings, with pepper, the best ah! Casserole: Yingjing casserole famous, passing here must bring some home soup! All sizes are carved, very suitable for souvenir. Delicacy: Yingjing casserole bought, how can miss the casserole? Steamed Rice dolphin full, there are characteristics of dishes, in Yingjing crowded streets, natural flavor! Watch the birds flying across the lake mountain wetland: the first day through the mountains to Daruoergai, neither fast nor slow grassland, grassland in large houses, eating shredded lamb, walking under the sky blowing…… Lake: no flowers in autumn and winter lake, but the walk in eyeful of reeds, relaxed mood]相关的主题文章: