Chengdu lottery lottery men never studied 16 million

Never study men randomly in the lottery lottery in Chengdu Huaxi Dushi Bao 16 million lottery shop (client reporter Xi Qinling) today, put a lottery story, may let people want to cry: A Study on the rules of the game never sports lottery lottery, always believe that the machine selected, lucky God cares for him, let him in Super Lotto prize. The morning of November 25th, the lottery came Duijiang Hall of Sichuan Sports Lottery Management Center, took 16 million yuan that belongs to him. The lottery is a handsome guy, and several times on the lottery, he chose to wear a mask to meet with other tube, Ma bandit and the public. He said, 3 November 22 in the afternoon, he passed the district water Shiba Binhe Road, Qingyang District No. 119 5123002376 lottery sales, I bought some note seven color and Super Lotto lottery. He bought the lottery has been steady, not greedy, not greed, love is where to buy what. The same day, he only spent 6 yuan with an additional way to call the salesman to sell the election of the two note number. After buying the lottery, he left. The day after the lottery, he also didn’t care. Editor: Chengdu to strengthen escort personnel investigation and clean-up has been long-term buy lottery lottery shop hidden dismissal Xichong copycat teahouse gamblers half an hour lost 4000 yuan in Neijiang lottery shop owner money to buy 32 million 110 thousand lottery lottery lottery addiction personally return Chengdu uncle spend pension money to divorce his wife gas 90 girls 11 million 180 thousand 10 yuan in a lottery awards night not slept for 24 days, he passed a lottery shop, see if you suddenly think of a prize. He put the lottery ticket for this store sales, the other told him: your ticket here against not, you go to sports lottery management center awarding. Because the car parked on the roadside, can not be stopped for a long time, he did not ask why the lottery left in the bag hides. The salesman told me that my ticket to the lottery management center Duijiang, I won the lottery?" After returning home, he took out his mobile phone inquiries, sure enough, his face on the "12, 13, 16, 29, 35+05, 11" is the first prize in the lottery Super Lotto out of 16138th. In that period, a total of two note first prize, shared by Sichuan and Shanxi lottery respectively. He is the Sichuan lottery lucky. Because he took an additional bet, he is the Shanxi lottery to get 6 million yuan more additional bonuses. The player said, he is a member of the working class, every month is also car loan and hard work. However, this huge sum of money in hand, he will no longer have the repayment pressure. He also wanted to plan a good, ready to invest, try to be the boss’s taste. 25, Chengdu west station bell Ao he came here for the awards. Zhong Ao said, the sports lottery is so magical, the lottery lottery doesn’t research the rules of the game, but won the jackpot. While in the lottery shop located in the Grand Prix, 3rd Ring Rd soopyo overpass outside the small window, the streets are not busy, even only a side road pavement, but the award or said to come. Suddenly the shop was born!相关的主题文章: