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Chengdu push blacklist rectify "real" chaos multiple hot "God" has been rumor – market dynamics – Shanghai Locke network?? recently, a number of Chengdu real estate agency of WeChat group and QQ group of spreading foreign real estate group to enter the Chengdu property market hearsay, many real estate owners group also began to hot Chengdu housing prices, the property market at the top of. ?? In September 23rd, Chengdu City Housing Authority official website released the "important articles to strengthen supervision and promote the healthy development of" the city’s real estate market, it is specific to the recent real estate market in Chengdu City, individual enterprises illegal charge Chengyijin, property hoarding, speculation and other irregularities. ?? At this time the relevant departments issued a document, quite profound meaning. ?? Since September, the Chengdu market have spread south of many real estate "Day CD", "lively phenomenon of thousands of people to grab the room" also entered the Chengdu property buyers view. The Mid Autumn Festival, Chengdu housing prices and a number of projects in the public release "houses a launch that looting, forced to push listings and other information. ?? But the reporter noted that the recent news of Chengdu real estate increase rankings in WeChat circle of friends, or most known as the price of more than 40%, the source is relatively fuzzy statistics. ?? And had anecdotal rumors, and a number of media reports of the "Chengdu real estate is a British German Federal one-time purchase customers bought 60 sets, turnover of about 100 million" message, on the evening of September 23rd, by real estate development enterprises in Sichuan Sino German home denied. ?? The official WeChat public, said in a statement, the network transmission disc customers a one-time purchase of 60 sets of the German Federal news is not true, because the two sides failed to reach a purchase agreement, the customer has returned. According to industry sources, many days ago rumors of selling real estate, but also adjust the sales data output aperture. ?? Rui Li Data Strategy Research Center General Manager Guo Jie analysis, the current real estate funds from the lower reaches of the Yangtze River back to the upper reaches of the Yangtze River, Chengdu and Chongqing has become a real estate investment last station. After the real estate, local panic buyers will continue to follow up. This wave of market to make people feel like back in 2007 and 2009, even as the old real estate industry practitioners, felt a cold chill and into the back of the outlook of the fear and panic, this is given by the lessons of past market." Guo Jie said. In this context, it is necessary for the government to timely and properly guide the property market. ?? Chengdu City Housing Authority announced that they will further strengthen market supervision and monitoring, strengthen routine inspections, strictly investigate false propaganda, illegal acts such as collecting Chengyijin, supervise the pre-sale permit commercial housing development enterprises timely and fully opened sales, standardize the market behavior; the market is expected to strengthen management, adhere to the correct guidance of public opinion inhibition of malicious speculation, advocating rational purchase; for publishing false information, cheat consumer behavior of the real estate development enterprises, intermediary organizations and their employees, shall cancel the qualification and signed included in the "blacklist" of illegal acts shall be severely punished.相关的主题文章: