China Southern Airlines to open direct flights to Jakarta, Shenzhen flight 4 classes per week

China Southern Airlines to open direct flights to Shenzhen route Jakarta weekly hold fly 4 class (correspondent Haiying Sun) the afternoon of September 21, 2016, starting Chinese Southern Airlines Shenzhen flights to Jakarta route departure hall inaugural ceremony was held in Baoan International Airport terminal. Shenzhen Jakarta non-stop flights, carried out by A320, flight number CZ8353, the departure time is 19:45, arrival time is 23:20, every Monday, three, five, seven of the return flight number CZ8354, for the 00:20 departure time, arrival time is 06:10, every Monday, two, four, six (all local return time). Deputy Secretary of Guangdong provincial Party committee, Shenzhen municipal Party committee secretary Ma Xingrui, deputy secretary of Shenzhen Municipal Committee, mayor Xu Qin, general manager, China Southern Airlines Group Company Chairman Wang Changshun and other leaders of all guests attended the inaugural ceremony, officially navigable to witness the "maritime Silk Road" of Shenzhen Jakarta route. Southern Airlines Shenzhen – Jakarta route by A320 models, Jakarta and China, 1 hours of time, sailing time of 5 hours. The opening of this route will greatly promote the economic and cultural integration between the two cities of Shenzhen and Jakarta. Why Jakarta? Jakarta, also known as Coconut City, is the capital of Indonesia and the political economic and cultural center, as the world famous harbour, Jakarta to build an important bridge in Asia to Oceania, it is also known as the "Silk Road on the sea". Shenzhen and Jakarta have long been a good neighborly and friendly city, the two sides have a lot in common in the creative industries. The general manager of the Shenzhen branch of China Southern Airlines Liu Guojun said: "in twenty-first Century" maritime Silk Road "in Indonesia, undoubtedly has an important strategic position, Jakarta as the core of Indonesia’s economic, financial and electronic technology industry accounted for 28.7% of GDP in the country. While Shenzhen has a lot of high technology industry companies, such as ZTE, HUAWEI in the Southeast Asian market coverage ratio is very high, economic and trade exchanges between China and India, will become more and more frequent, the flow of people and this will boost the amount of flights between the two places. The opening of this route will also set off a wave of tourism and economic exchanges between the two countries." After the opening of the Shenzhen international direct flights, five hours non-stop flight, a reasonable departure time, China Southern Airlines strong route network, has become a necessary condition to attract tourists to Jakarta. The Pearl River Delta market potential and domestic routes originating in Shenzhen network will become a strong support for Shenzhen Jakarta route. From HUAWEI travel Mr Huang said, "Shenzhen flights to Jakarta route has greatly facilitated the HUAWEI staff in Jakarta travel. This year, HUAWEI and Jakarta local communications company co founded the science and technology innovation center, Jakarta HUAWEI also has its own factory, Indonesia has become an important strategic layout in the HUAWEI sector in Southeast Asia, exchanges between China and India the HUAWEI sales and R & D personnel more and more. Compared with the previous only from Hongkong, direct flights are both time-saving and economical." The internationalization of Shenzhen with vigorous strides in the first half, Shenzhen airport passenger throughput reached 20 million 357 thousand passengers, an increase of 4.7%, the international passenger throughput of 1 million passengers, year-on-year growth rate reached 33.9%, becoming the new Shenzhen airport.相关的主题文章: