Chinese Academy of Sciences Zhang Po unmanned vehicles in the short term is difficult to move toward

Zhang Po China Academy of Sciences: the unmanned vehicle is difficult in the short term to the practical China Academy of Sciences Academician, the academic committee of Tsinghua University State Key Laboratory of intelligent technology and system of honorary director Zhang Phoenix technology news on November 3rd news, the first China wisdom Valley Conference on artificial intelligence and Industry Innovation Forum held in Jiangsu, Nanjing, the conference of the perceived age made China "as the theme. Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tsinghua University, intelligent technology and systems of the State Key Laboratory of the academic committee honorary director Zhang was invited to give a speech. In its report entitled "artificial intelligence technology industrialization" convention speech, academician Zhang Po pointed out: India Mu Sigma enterprises will be divided into the following three levels: General Company on the competitiveness of companies rely on professional knowledge; good learning ability, and the best company relies on learning speed and strong adaptability. The technology of artificial intelligence will enable enterprises to achieve significantly improved learning speed and adaptability. Artificial intelligence is hot, mainly due to strong demand, the first, second and third industries have artificial intelligence needs. Computer simulation of human rational thinking, the perception of the surrounding environment and the realization of action (sometimes referred to as the robot) is the three main contents of artificial intelligence research. At present, at home and abroad are developing unmanned vehicles, to varying degrees, there are people involved, so strictly speaking should belong to automatic driving. According to the current artificial intelligence technology, such vehicles are likely to be practical in the short term. But the real unattended unmanned vehicle, especially in the open environment (such as busy streets) driving, artificial intelligence technology is still difficult to solve the difficult problems, so this type of car in the short term is difficult to become practical. The following is the academician Zhang Po speech record: Good morning leaders, entrepreneurs and the audience, because I PPT done earlier, the bottom should be written on the Tsinghua University State Key Laboratory of intelligent technology and system. AI now why so hot, we enthusiasm so high, I think that one important reason is that demand strong, whether it is the first and the second industry and third industry are intelligent demand. Second industry (Manufacturing) and the third industry (service industry) on the needs of intelligent people talk more, in fact, the demand for intelligent agriculture is also a lot of. Remember, in 80s, China has just entered the field of artificial intelligence, some researchers regard agriculture as an important application field, the development of a number of small-scale agricultural expert system, fertilization and breeding, etc.. As the demand for manufacturing and services has been much talked about, I no longer emphasize. In short, the demand is a driving force, with this power will promote the further development of artificial intelligence. Today, I do not talk about demand, but to talk about artificial intelligence technology, talk about artificial intelligence can provide useful technology for the industry. Computer is very simple, we use it every day. What kind of machine is a computer? In fact, it is a veritable "computing" machine. As we all know, the traditional computer applications are mainly three aspects, namely, scientific computing, traditional data processing and automation. All of these applications are the ability to use a computer – numerical calculation. In order to play this ability, the need to build!相关的主题文章: