Chinese tourists Korea was black house tourists set up Beijing – rights group

Chinese tourists Korea was "black house" tourists form rights group Beijing – eleven during the golden week, a number of tourists in Jeju Island reflect immigration Korea is South Korea refused, after the trial was closed "xiaoheiwu". October 14th, South Korea’s Ministry of justice responded that the Chinese National Day in South Korea Cheju Airport refused to enter the Chinese people have all returned home. Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned that the landing visa is not only Jeju Island’s refusal to tourists during the golden week, the beginning of this year to September 30th, more than 9785 foreigners were refused entry to Jeju Island. One of them was in the dark room of the China tourists on the wall leaving a micro signal, and the formation of activist group, currently the group has more than 160 people. South Korea responded: Golden Week refused Chinese tourists all returned home on the afternoon of 14, the South Korean Ministry of justice to make a written response, said China rejected during the National Day in South Korea Cheju Airport immigration Chinese currently have all returned. For the Chinese refused to be treated, the South Korean Ministry of Justice said that the entry of foreign personnel will be refused to wait inside the Cheju Airport waiting for indoor standby. The waiting room is split between men and women, each with a quilt, meals in principle, borne by me, I have no ability to bear in the case, the airline can provide. South Korean Ministry of Justice said that the trip to Jeju Island should carry a valid passport and meet the purpose of tourism. If I am not aware of the travel itinerary, there is no booking accommodation, there is no round-trip air tickets to Jeju Island, then it may be refused entry. At the same time, the immigration officer will fill in the entry according to the entry declaration and submit the certification materials, combined with interviews to determine whether comprehensive entry permit, so immigrants must review the immigration officer to answer questions truthfully. Jeju Island Tour "Xiaoheiwu" tourists stranded for 5 days and 4 nights from October 6th to 10, the public Zhang Nanjing original 5 days and 4 nights of the tour of Jeju Island has become a "black house" tour. Mr. Zhang and his wife, Ms. Feng arrived in Nanjing, South Korea, Jeju Island International Airport after being refused entry. The couple told reporters on the BMC, at the time of the Korean customs to them for ten minutes or so questions, then refused entry, and was detained for a passport. Mr. Zhang said that they had in the city travel to buy a round-trip ticket and reservation of South Korea’s central Jeju Island Urban Inn, two people were brought to the airport security "xiaoheiwu". Because of the China return flight has no vacancy, the couple had to take the scheduled flight October 10th return, culminating in the "black house" spent 5 days and 4 nights. Mr. Zhang confirmed that the South Korean Ministry of justice for "black house". Mr. Zhang said, "the little black house" has two rooms, each between men and women. "Rejected all immigrants were detained in the two house, each party to give everyone a quilt, no bed, all in the people lying on the floor, floor heating." For dinner, Mr. Zhang introduced to BYD reporters: "they will get to eat into the room, one meal is 50 dollars, is the ordinary rice." Mr. Zhang said, "no window Xiaoheiwu"?相关的主题文章: