College students plagiarism paper was jointly announced by the students to start the investigation

College students are the joint report of the plagiarism investigation: start new network – in the evening of November 24th, the Southwest Jiao Tong University student individual highest honor "cultivate talents to rejuvenate the Chinese nation Defense Medal Award will end only a few hours, there are users on the Southwest Jiao Tong University Baidu Post Bar broke the news, said the school of architecture and urban planning design of 2013 level class classmate real-name reporting/real-name whistleblowing: the class of students, cultivate talents to rejuvenate the Chinese nation medal candidate Lee, the use of loopholes in the system, Taobao published papers, convenient access to patents, and the number of columns of Lee" style is not correct, the awards do not believe "a number of issues in the report the letter, said he hoped the school severely punished. This article, in the network rapid fermentation, causing much attention. The afternoon of November 27th, Southwest Jiaotong University Student Work Department (Department) issued notification: after investigation, Lee decided to cancel the Mouben "cultivate talents to rejuvenate the Chinese nation medal award of qualifications; academic integrity report letter, academic ethics committee schools have launched an investigation into the corresponding program. Online heat transfer students suspected of plagiarism by classmates real-name reporting/real-name whistleblowing in late November 24th, one entitled "on the reflect cultivate talents to rejuvenate the Chinese nation medal candidate Lee misbehavior, academic fraud JuBaoXin" posts at the Southwest Jiao Tong University Baidu Post Bar. Report letter said, the school grade 2013 class of urban and rural planning (undergraduate) students reflect the classmate Lee, to resort to deceit elected in 2016 the school "cultivate talents to rejuvenate the Chinese nation medal candidate list," Lee style is not correct, not the letter Award "and a number of problems. At the end of the letter with the report of the students signed a real name, but the signature part of the post was marked with a mosaic. Report the letter said, Lee learn not good, many resort to deceit, plagiarism, plagiarism and other commercial transactions, grade homework, to buy outside program after being reported, in order to obtain the results. In a comprehensive Lee won the scholarship, Tang Lixin scholarships, national scholarships and many other honors, is the use of loopholes in the system, to borrow Taobao convenience of obtaining patents, published papers, and even change point information using PS technology to obtain the result screenshot. During the 3 years in school to do even the SRTP project (Note: undergraduate research training program, is designed for undergraduate students in a scientific research program funded program), to become its funding, the results of the release of false scientific research platform. Chengdu Chinese commercial news reporter noted that the report issued less than 1 hours after the letter, quickly in the post bar, micro-blog, circle of friends was forwarded. Southwest Jiaotong University Students thread said, "cultivate talents to rejuvenate the Chinese nation medal is the highest honor award shocked Jiaotong University, the collective real-name reporting/real-name whistleblowing posts, I hope the school as soon as possible to identify. 25 at noon, the reporter went to the Xipu campus of the Southwest Jiao Tong University, found the boys dormitory, but a classmate said after staying up late to rest, do not accept any form of interviews, and said he did not know whether the letter of complaint letters to report true, also does not have its own name, and said the school is being processed. While another Lee where the bedroom, the reporter knocked on the door for a long time, and no one responded. Reporters to verify the comparison of plagiarism plagiarism similarity of up to 90% with more and more people concerned about相关的主题文章: