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Compact appearance, clear shooting, the recorder can also play live – Sohu technology believe that you have a small car partner, most of the installation of a traffic recorder. You may think that the recorder is just to stay in the record driving journey, but with social media more and more developed, a road passenger T3 tachograph combined with social media, let buddies to share, to live with you today very gentleman to speak. Polar road passenger T3 video resolution reached 1080P. Only two fingers will be able to complete the 360° camera; rotation, inside and outside the car can shoot. And the use of F2.0 large aperture, all glass 141° diagonal wide-angle lens, video clearer and brighter, more open vision. With outdoor components can also become a professional outdoor camera. Wireless remote control, you can grab pictures or 12 seconds (about 6 seconds before and after the button) video, and separate storage. Three clicks can also be shared through the way to micro-blog APP, WeChat, QQ and other social media. Like to share a small partner can always drying out their journey. In addition, the pole off T3 can also be broadcast live through APP, and can freely set the length. WDR wide dynamic technology, Matsushita low illumination and high performance image sensor, better depth, greater amount of light, let the night the same clear picture. When the vehicle is turned off after the road T3 will switch to the parking security mode, if someone close will trigger the shooting function, with a step-down line can be achieved 7× 24 hours monitoring. Small partners no longer have to worry about the car was secretly destroyed and can not find people. WIFI T3 has a dual mode WiFi mode, compared to the traditional traffic recorder, pole road passenger T3 just need to connect the phone WIFI and the device, you can synchronize the video to the phone. Cumulative stored video for 16 days, and the maximum support 128GB TF Card expansion. —————END————— want it? I send you ah! Here is the very road guest T3 recorder free! Fee! Send! Get 1 open WeChat, search and pay attention to the public number: extreme fruit nets 2 reply Keywords: recorder相关的主题文章: