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Daily life practice self – Reading — people.com.cn original title: "the road of self discipline character of mediocre life" (US) David? Brooks’s CITIC publishing house we often feel tired, not satisfied with life. At this time, you will think of some happy moments? Not matter, but spiritual detachment. David, an American writer, has made an image of the metaphor of Brooks. He quoted rabbi Joseph? The description of Thoreau’s published in 1965 the "faith alone", pointed out that the nature of every man has "Adam" and "Adam No. two". Adam one is external, the pursuit of material wealth and power status, while ambitious; Adam No. two is the inherent hope to have moral quality, the pursuit of happiness and a sense of loyalty, kindness and virtue, and to create and play their potential for glory. Brooks also pointed out that the logic of life Adam 1 and Adam two, with different, the former is pragmatism, investment objective is to return; the latter is to exercise their own moral core, cultivate a heart of wisdom. Brooks’s new book "character road", to discuss the Adam two, through the sharing of successful experiences of some people cultivating outstanding character, pointed out to readers, enhance the importance of self cultivation in ordinary life. This is obviously a difficult to control, easy to flow theme, but Brooks with a sincere expression, evoking the reader’s empathy. In addition, the sample is very convincing Brooks. They are: Roosevelt’s new deal behind the heroine Francis? Perkins, campaigned to end racial discrimination of the Bayard Rustin, a novelist? George? Eliot, writer Samuel Johnson and others?. Great achievement is not overnight. They are full of passion and colorful life, and the value system that makes up the meaning of their existence, which is in stark contrast to the secular times we indulge in. Today, the glittering people seem to have gone away, to get closer to them through this book. What can bring the greatest happiness? The author’s answer is that the mind is directed against the meaning and value of its existence. This book describes the character of the road, vary from person to person, colorful. They have experienced the confusion, hesitation, disillusionment and re start. Pay attention to "the traditional China slim order in the world, one in the first place, is a prerequisite for other career achievements. This is what Brooks calls "the road of character". We can dream dawn, all together. This is a way to develop the mind in order to nourish the growth of the individual and others. (Lin Yi) (commissioning editor Ou Xingrong and Chen Yuan)相关的主题文章: