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How to eat 3 kinds of fruits. Thin   effective weight loss meals recipes recommended — food channel — original title: how to eat 3 fruits, three meals to lose weight slimming recipes recommended. Many people think that now all kinds of methods of weight loss, don’t know which one is right for you. In fact, the success of those who lose weight online experience, but also just a personal approach. In the end is really suitable for yourself to try to know. In order to make themselves more beautiful, Xiao Bian also joined the army to lose weight, and summed up their own way, that is, the use of thin fruit. Most of the fruit sugar content is not high, but it is also rich in vitamin C, fruit recipes to lose weight, is to control calorie intake coup. Persist in a period of time, the fat will subtract many. Fruit weight can be high, a hawthorn containing citric acid, malic acid, ascorbic acid, sugar and protein, carbohydrate, have lower blood pressure, promote gastrointestinal digestion. Chinese medicine believes that Hawthorn can eliminate the spleen, auxiliary treatment of secondary obesity. In addition, hawthorn is rich in dietary fiber and pectin, can promote intestinal peristalsis and digestive gland secretion, is conducive to food digestion and waste excretion. Recommended recipe: Hawthorn soup materials: Hawthorn 500 grams, 100 grams of crystal sugar. Practice: 1, hawthorn wash seeded, pour some water into the pot, hawthorn until Shulan; 2, add crystal sugar seasoning. Two, more than 94% watermelon is moisture, can help rid the body of excess water, so that kidney function to maintain normal operation, with diuresis and detumescence, helps digestion effect reducing weight. However, the high sugar content of watermelon, watermelon want to lose weight through the sister, to grasp the amount, do not eat watermelon at night. Recommended recipe: sour watermelon materials: watermelon peel, salt, vinegar, the amount of sugar. Practice: 1, watermelon peel, cut green skin and cut into about 1m square Xiaoding, in a bowl, mix with salt for 5 minutes; 2, the watermelon water is filtered out in watermelon Pirie adding sugar, white vinegar for 10 minutes tasty can. Three, strawberry lose waist "buoy" strawberry is the most powerful, it should be called a "magic material aspartic acid" thanks to strawberry contains natural, it can gently remove excess water waist, slowly dissolve waist fat, help the body detoxification Xiaozhi, to help you easily thin waist. Recommended recipe: Material: Strawberry minced chicken chicken breast 200 grams, 200 grams of strawberries, 1 tsp salt, 3 grams of ginger, 12 tablespoon soy sauce, 12 tablespoons of starch, 12 TSP white pepper, 2 tablespoons vegetable oil practices: 1, prepared chicken and fresh strawberries, strawberries, water drain and dice the chicken, 2 remove the breast fat fascia, cut the size of the Ding like strawberry; minced chicken in adding salt, white pepper powder and starch marinated for 10 minutes, 3 vegetable oil into the pot, saute ginger into the marinated minced chicken, stir fry the minced chicken 4 to discoloration, then add 2 drops, 3 students smoke, continue to stir fry evenly, pour 5 strawberries, stir fry evenly, slimming meals delicious recipes recommended)相关的主题文章: