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Enhance the 20% consumer power into a booster of the new financial – Sohu technology, the final transaction volume of’s two Tmall global Carnival of eighth in the final $120 billion 700 million. As a double 11 financial support for the strength of the ant gold suit also set a number of New World Records – the day to complete the payment of the 1 billion 50 million pen, the peak reached 120 thousand seconds. Among them, the balance of treasure accounted for 11%, second times in the 11 double flowers chant bear accounted for 20%. Billion turnover behind, there are 600 million copies of consumer insurance in the protection of the transaction, the amount of protection of up to 22 billion 400 million yuan. Change is taking place. 11 of the financial forces are also involved in the protection of a single payment channel to the integrated three-dimensional new financial system. Consumer credit, consumer finance and consumer insurance and other innovative Internet banking services, not only greatly enhance the consumer experience of nearly 500 million people, but also to stimulate the consumption of hundreds of billions of. According to estimates of ants gold clothing Institute, flower, Bai consumption insurance and other new financial services, will double 11 consumer spending increased by 20%. The payment service CEO well Yin Dong said, "double 11 has become the new financial Chinese is himself, and constantly refresh the record represents China speed, they can feel China through the development of Chinese, enhance the strength of independent research and development of science and technology. After a double 11 temper China new finance, and global financial institutions partners common progress, we need to continue to provide new financial services for each consumer and merchant, in which let you enjoy the convenience, enjoy equality, enjoy more happiness and hope." Behind the refresh the number of world record is midnight China financial technology leading global double 11 sounded just a few minutes after the two new world record was born: the total payment peak of 120 thousand pens per second, 1.4 times last year’s peak of 54 thousand pen / sec; payment bank transactions, is two times last year. Alipay official said, double 11 is not only the global users of online shopping feast, is also a major global financial system exercises. The new record represents the speed of China and China’s development, to prove that China’s new financial technology has been leading the world. Alipay parent company ant gold service chief architect Tong Ling said that this year the double payment of 11 guarantee only 30 technical personnel. All of the traffic by Ali self-developed cloud computing system, and OceanBase database load, with high stability to ensure the smooth and smooth shopping experience, double pay 11 Caton become the past. Strong technology and data capabilities, but also to nearly 500 million consumers access to personalized financial services become possible. In the clothing fade insurance, fresh rot and other consumer insurance claims segment, more than 90% of cases rely on background technology to identify and determine, without human intervention. The image recognition technology is an important application of the underwriting process, through the identification of the user to upload pictures, with claims credit degree of judgment, the vast majority of claims can be completed online in a short period of time. Cosmetics allergy insurance, for example, in the past to deal with the longest to spend 27 days, after the insurance access, with the help of the Internet platform technology and data capabilities, and now one day be able to handle. In the double 11.相关的主题文章: