Eom Hongsig cut positions! God or heart shaved in a moment of disillusionment pigeon blood

Eom Hongsig cut positions! God or heart shaved in a moment of disillusionment lead: say "buzz is the only criterion to test the handsome, but also from Korea Obama this test. In-Sung Zo, Won Bin handsome out of the sky, and then, but they have shot in the middle of the gun, but in the middle of the gun, and then, in the middle of the day, the…… (source: posters fashion network) recruits a crew cut to ask what love beans pickled cabbage male afraid? Answers must ultimately "enlisted crew cut" this one. Many in the spotlight with the aura of a male god, will reveal the hairline position, was immediately back to earth, severity and makeup be roughly the same. No wonder they say "cut speculation" is the only standard to measure the handsome men of God who finished, photos, posters weave choose silently agree with the truth. Eom Hongsig Eom Hongsig said recently cut a buzz of the pickled cabbage — Eom Hongsig Obama, just after the 30 birthday of his SNS upload a "buzz round" soap flakes wearing fur coat and a white T-shirt, a good Man. With his exclusive expression, a rebellious school "carry handle" around. Eom Hongsig active cut into a round inch can’t bear to doubt, Eom Hongsig is really want to join the army? Eom Hongsig was born 86 years old this year, has been at the age of 30, kimchi state provisions in the military service before the age of 30, according to the normal reasoning, this year should be his last years of enlistment. In fact, Eom Hongsig from the beginning of last year, Eom Hongsig will have enlisted military service this year, but the last two years, the brother is too general, acting with open hanging, won several awards, almost make people forget he hasn’t served this thing. He recently received a partner Wuli Jiangdong Shimoto’s new movie "Burning", in November boot, when the army has become a mystery, do not know if the cut is not a signal? Gang Dong Won Eom Hongsig read Eom Hongsig Obama "round inch head, we have to start an important task –" today with pickled cabbage Obama yen value test". In order to facilitate you better "consumption", the male gods poster weave is divided into 4 camps, quick cut the buzz "your love" which hung? [] the camp is still handsome first send you "buzz Obama in excellence, others cut finished ugly to the explosion, they used a yen value proved what is called" the true god". Position not only in their values Yan injury degree low, and also adds more charm, poster weave said after watching the blood slot is empty! In-Sung Zo In-Sung Zo has really let boys admire the magic legs Yan Zan, do not want people to sissy Man married. After the army cut position did not affect his charm, a word not just staged a uniform temptation, such a "buzz metrosexual man" please give me a call! In fact, In-Sung Zo before enlisting in the army, In-Sung Zo had other positions, when he was in the "mean street" in the gang eldest brother "Zhao Bingdou", a suit cut cut, man left the street passers-by. But unfortunately, Obama legs in this movie but was finally betrayed brother murdered, the poster weave was snivel saw finally. "Despicable Street" In-Sung Zo "?相关的主题文章: