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The FAW Audi dealer against collaboration with SAIC Audi said the focus is still the FAW car Sohu 2016-11-14 Wang Deyuan Douglas said the car Audi and Volkswagen cooperation has become a reality, SAIC Audi really came. According to the existing information, the Audi brand in Volkswagen, the forms of their cooperation will be the same as the Skoda brand, Volkswagen brand, three to maintain brand independent operation mode. While in operation mode, Audi will follow the existing Skoda model, by Volkswagen OEM, and SAIC set up more than 50 of the shares, 50 of the joint venture sales company, sales by Audi brand models SAIC OEM production, and the first product in the next year or April officially released. Foreign brands and Chinese car enterprises joint venture and joint venture with a number of car prices, it is not surprising things, such as Honda in Chinese, respectively, and Guangzhou and Dongfeng have cooperation and cooperation, from the current point of view, the effect is quite good. But in the luxury car brand, Audi, Mercedes Benz, BMW in the country there is only one car business cooperation, the main reason is that these luxury car brands do not like other mainstream brands to take the popular route to the number of winning. The Audi cooperation with FAW on the basis of the choice of the two marriage, and SAIC Volkswagen cooperation, subject to great concern, including the complexity of the interests of the chain, it is worth considering. Audi and FAW Volkswagen cooperation for many years, Audi also by virtue of the advantages of FAW, the first to open the Chinese market in BBA, become the leading brand in China’s luxury car market. Both the government and ordinary people, Audi was the first choice, FAW Volkswagen Audi name is also well known in china. But in recent years with the development of Chinese automobile market, Chinese independent brand strength rise, new products emerge in an endless stream, and product update cycle repeatedly shortened, as a comparison, update the FAW Audi products is lagging behind, resulting in Audi Chinese day is not comfortable. On the contrary, SAIC is fast, whether it is product quality, marketing strategy, let the SAIC’s influence is even more than the FAW, grow with each passing day, become the leading car companies Chinese. But Audi’s brand value, SAIC is urgently needed. So, from this perspective, Audi and SAIC cooperation is also a natural thing. Each one takes what he needs. But at the dealer level, due to the FAW Audi product updates slower, while rival BMW, Mercedes Benz is in the market continue to launch new products, to erode Audi’s existing market, the FAW Audi dealers as the past days lying to make money era. Today, Audi and then turn to the reconstruction of SAIC sales channels, will further reduce the existing dealer sales, enlarge the plight of FAW Audi dealers face. Once the sales can not be guaranteed, dealers will choose to sell products, which require manufacturers to subsidize the loss, will undoubtedly increase the contradiction between the interests of manufacturers. Audi dealers and partners, this year has been in Fengyuyulai environment, Audi also aware of the problem. In September, the newly appointed general manager of Audi sales division of the main task facing the youth is to repair the relationship with the dealer, remodeling Audi.相关的主题文章: