Friendly reminder Poland nearly 4 World Cup goals per game at least 2 grains solid converter

Friendly reminder: prediction and analysis of Poland nearly 4 World Cup goals per game at least 2 grains of international football match: Poland vs Slovenia start time: analysis of 2016-11-15 03:45:00 hunt ball: FUN88 1.95 3.30 3.75 FUN88: first for the instant: 1.88 3.35 4 Poland? Beijing between November 15th 03:45, an international friendly to Poland and Slovenia, the object of the game is the European world team lineup for next year in March to pre match in new. ? Poland ranked seventeenth in the world, at present in the European world pre E group zhanba 4 recorded 3 wins and 1 draws, ranked first in the group, higher ranked second in the 3 of montenegro. Poland? A tournament qualifier against the Romania team in the world, does not strive in the scene with eleventh minutes, midfielder Camille gronsky scored 7 minutes before the end turn from a guest into a host, Robert Lewanduofusiji scored two of the final in Poland by 3-0. He conceded victory to make zero? Poland morale rose, especially brought great confidence to the defence. You know the first 3 games of World Cup team although unbeaten, but each failed to stay clean, a total loss of 5 balls. Poland array of the majority of players from the 5 major league, the overall strength of the Slovenia. But the two sides nearly 3 times in all competitions against Poland recorded 1 wins 1 flat 1 negative, including home court unbeaten, is a service team with the psychological advantage of home court. Poland? Nearly 4 World Cup goals per game at least 2 grains, the total harvest 10 goals is the European division 54 team goals among fifth teams, efficient offensive performance. But in addition to the defensive end game without conceding a goal, after 5 games in all competitions have failed to stay clean, service is estimated to hone the defence as manager. Slovenia? Slovenia ranked sixty-seventh in the world, at present in the European world pre F group zhanba 4 recorded 2 wins and 2 row in the second group, and at the top of the difference between England 2. Slovenia? A match against minnows Malta alive preliminaries, the team took the initiative turn from a guest into a host, stadium. But the team’s ability to grasp the front is obviously insufficient, only 5 foot shot is kicked into the goal, the final victory over 1-0. The fact is really unable to strike? Team is the biggest drawbacks, except in the group phase the first round to face the general strength of Lithuania to tie the game at 2-2, 3 games after only 1 goals. However, the team is pleased that nearly 3 games is not a ball, a solid defensive team is one of the key points. ? generally speaking in Slovenia in recent years, the strength of a declining level, 4 friendlies and in this year, Slovenia only had home court to a 1-0 victory over Macedonia, facing the other team is no way. Slovenia currently has 9 players on the national team’s list of the top five leagues in Europe, while the remaining 16 are mostly players相关的主题文章: