Guangzhou guy subway sudden cardiac arrest I have a wife and children (Figure)

Guangzhou subway station small heart attack: for I have a wife and a child (Figure) original title: guy heart attack Guangzhou subway staff rescue work Nanfang Daily News (reporter correspondent Huang Zujian Liu Fengfeng) "I have a wife and children, only 6 months, please be sure to save me". In October 22nd, a young man suffered a heart attack to the surrounding passengers for Guangzhou metro line five to the direction of the train on the Wenchong emergency, APM line subway staff to help passengers escape Chen Cuiling work smoothly. According to the Chen Cuiling memories, October 22nd 20:47 minutes after her work on Metro Line 5 to the direction of the train will arrive in Wenchong, Keyun Road station, a 24 year old male passengers looked painful around to help, says his heart is very uncomfortable, and breathing difficulties, need cardiopulmonary resuscitation. The critical moment, she immediately helped passengers from Keyun Road station and call 120, and immediately contact Keyun Road Station staff to assist passengers, and contact the family. "I have a wife and children, only 6 months, please help me, the passengers said bitterly. Chen Cuiling comforted the passengers for the passenger side press people, wipe the drive power. 21:10 minutes or so, Tianhe District Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine 120 emergency medical personnel arrived at the scene, the medical staff of the passengers carried out a preliminary examination and treatment, said the passengers must be sent to the hospital immediately. Then the families of the passengers rushed to the scene. Upon inquiry, the passengers did not have a heart problem, but the family has a history of heart disease, the outbreak of the disease. With the help of Chen Cuiling, because of ill passengers receive timely assistance after the hospital day.相关的主题文章: