Guangzhou sixty old man successfully removed the new network size of the pancreatic cancer – in pump mentalist

Guangzhou sixty old man successfully removed pumpkin sized pancreatic cancer – Beijing Beijing in November 15 Guangzhou Xinhua (Cai Minjie Zhu Suying) Zhongshan University Sun Yixian Memorial Hospital said 15 days, the hospital department of general surgery with biliary pancreatic surgery the most difficult pancreaticoduodenectomy for a sixty old man, removed a rare giant pancreatic tumor, tumor size almost a small pumpkin". 63 year old Li, nearly two months to appear dizziness, fatigue, while poor appetite, eating a small amount of things will feel full. Sun Yixian Memorial Hospital of Zhongshan University, director of pancreatic and pancreatic surgery, after examination, found that the situation is not optimistic about the situation in the case of Li, although do not eat and drip, abdominal distension is also getting more and more severe, and more serious. Magnetic resonance imaging revealed a large tumor of the head of the pancreas, 11 cm in size. Chen Rufu introduced, in the pancreas of such a large tumor, very rare. To make matters worse, the tumor invaded the descending part of the duodenum and the junction of the horizontal segment, which wrapped around the superior mesenteric vein. The operation is very difficult. When Chen Rufu opened the abdominal cavity, he found that there was a pumpkin sized tumor in his head. After 4.5 hours of surgery, Chen Rufu stripped of the tumor wrapped around the superior mesenteric vein, and reconstruction of the digestive tract, etc.. The final pathology report shows that he is a low-grade malignant pancreatic poorly differentiated carcinoma. Chen Rufu introduction, Li is doing pancreaticoduodenectomy, which is a very difficult surgery, known as the Department of general surgery surgery crown". The difficulty lies in the tumor resection, followed by the reconstruction of the digestive tract. Since the pancreas is located in the deepest part of the abdominal cavity, it is closely connected with the vital organs such as the stomach, duodenum, spleen and kidney. Chen Rufu said, society must pay attention to pancreatic disease. For the tumor should be as early as possible to find, early diagnosis, early treatment; people should develop the habit of regular physical examination, more than 50 years of age to pay attention to screening for digestive tumors. (end)相关的主题文章: