Hetian jade collision damage should be how to repair norton disk doctor

Hetian jade collision damage should be how to repair the source: Jade network original title: and Tian Yu collision damage to repair of Hetian jade has a high value, you play in the play, and friends to wear plate display, the collection process must be careful, but always missed when a collision occurs, the damage, he raised so long jade is such a waste? No, the ancient jade carving in the continuous exploration has developed several repair method to save your love, come and take a look at it: 1, One divides into two. believe you play friends even if you do not use this method in reality, focus on film and television drama may also be seen this way. And when Tian Yu appeared large damage, after a series of ideas, the sculptor One divides into two. into two, contact each other, but the one and only small, flexible loss, its value may be even beyond the original. 2, re repair and cover up and make up for the damage of jade pieces, the damage can be re carved, or with the same texture of the "parts" for bonding operations. 3, such as the mosaic bracelet can be broken, please jade a gold hoop man, exquisite degree of high level can be achieved even without defects. Although the repair method is constantly improving, but it can not be careless, good maintenance is still necessary, I hope you can play with friends to treat their own jade.相关的主题文章: